ソーシャルレンディング LENDEXに投資開始! Started investing in “LENDEX” P2P lending company!





Good day, it’s Taka here! Another typhoon has struck here Japan…(I’m writing this post on the 30th Sep)

The scorching summer has finally gone and the best season has come! Thus, I went trekking to Nikko, climbing up to “Mt. Oku-Shirane” and went to a rave party.  Man, I’ve been having a good time in the mountains but been lazy to write my blog…

Autumn is a good time to go out or read books but I’m going to study investment more!




I wrote about P2P lending before, once you open an account and choose a fund, that’s it! It’s really easy and you can leave it, then you receive returns every month. P2P is suitable for travellers and for those who are busy. 


・新たな投資先にLENDEXを追加! I started investing in LENDEX!




P2P lending has become my biggest investment sector as it’s simple & high yield. I’ve been investing in 3 companies but “Green Infra lending” has been in trouble and they’ve totally stopped… Please refer to this article.  I’ve reconfirmed that diversified investment is crucial!

I’ve been expecting and putting a lot of money in Green Infra lending, so it’s a big damage. However, it was a good time to find a new company.  I’ve picked up LENDEX, established in 2017.


・LENDEXの特徴とは?  What’s good about LENDEX?

LENDEXは 国内不動産事業に特化した 、ソーシャルレンディングです。不動産投資に少額から投資できてしまうのも、ソーシャルレンディングの素晴らしいところですよね。




LENDEX specialises in the  domestic real estate . By using a P2P company, you can invest in real estate even for the small amount of money!

LENDEX associates with “Tokyu Livable” a big real estate company to assess the value of properties.


また、現在運用されているファンドの多くは 1年以内の短期的なもの が中心です。やはり長期の物に投資をするのは、ちょっと不安がありますよね。僕が他社で投資しているファンドも、どれも1年以内の物ばかりです。


Most of the funds, which have been running are  less than 1 year period You might be nervous to invest in a long-period one right? I’ve been investing in many funds in other companies and all of them are less than 1 year period.





The good thing about LENDEX is, they will email you before they invite new funds. Actually, other companies don’t offer such a service, and it’s pretty helpful!

I’ve heavily invested in Crowd Lease and they invite so many new funds, but they give me emails after they invited new funds. I thought “Ah, this fund is pretty good!” and invested money already, and then they invited better funds… It’s happened quite often. Thus, it’s really helpful for investors to know what kind of funds will be invited near the future.




Opening up an account on LENDEX was rather smooth. After 2 days registered on the website, I got a letter with a verification code and that was it! Some companies take so much time to open an account, so I had a good impression of LENDEX.


・早速ファンドに投資してみました!  I’ve invested in a fund!


そんなある日、ファンド募集のメールが届いたので内容を精査。上記の写真右上にある、「不動産担保付きローンファンド 27-2号」に投資しました!



I could open up an account successfully and I transferred money immediately! However, LENDEX doesn’t invite funds that often, so I had to wait a while.

One day, I got an email from LENDEX and it said they invited a new fund. I checked the details of the new fund and I invested in the one, which is on the pic ” Fund No 27-2″.

LENDEX divides a fund into 2 categories and type 1 is 7% of annual interest, type 2 is 9%. It depends on the mortgage… I see.





This is the dividend schedule of this fund. This is my very first time to invest in LENDEX, so I started with about $1ooo. According to the schedule, I can earn about $6 every month and it’s gonna last for 10 months!

If you put money in a bank, you can get next to nothing here in Japan… Man, I should have started investment much earlier!






BTW, the dividend of September was 6647 yen from Crowd Lease and 4365 yen from Maneo respectively. Thus, I could earn about $100 unearned income. If Green Infra Lending worked normally, I could earn much more tho…

I started investing in P2P lending from last December, I’ve earned about $700 so far! I’ve been investing in Robo-advisor and ETH every month, but I’ve been adding more money in P2P lending too.

Moreover, I could finally open up an account of “individual-type Defined Contribution pension plan” so-called iDeCo in Japan and “Individual Savings Account” so-called NISA too! I’m going to invest much more money!

Thanks to the technology, investment has become much easier. You can get unearned income while travelling!



まとめ…  In a nut’s shell…








I’ve been writing about a new P2P company “LENDEX” this time.

LENDEX is a newly established company and still not much information on the net. I’m going to report about this company so if you are interested, please do stay tuned!

・LENDEX was established in 2017 and specialises in the domestic real estate projects!

・Annual interest rate is between 7%~9% and investing period is less than 1 year!

・LENDEX gives us an email before inviting a new fund, not many P2P companies offer such a service!

Well well, I’m going to Mt. Tanigawa mountain range again this weekend, so better prepare for it. Please do enjoy beautiful autumn wherever  you are! See ya very soon.





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