旅をしながら、簡単投資!〜ソーシャルレンディング編〜 Easy investment while on traveling! ~P to P lending~



Hello, it’s Taka! Rainy season has set in here Japan… I really do love outdoor activities, so this is the most boring period. However, it could be a good season for writing a blog, or studying about investment!







This time, I’m going to write about Peer to Peer lending in Japan. This investment is really easy, and you can earn money while you are travelling.

Hey, do you invest your money in something? Actually, I started investment seriously from last year. As I wrote my profile, I was working in Cambodia last year.

As you might know that most of Cambodian banks offer pretty high interest rate, like over 5% for fixed term deposit. Sathapana (A parent company is a Japanese pachinko company) offers 7%! You know, Japanese interest rate is next to nothing…(0.01% or something)

Thus, I thought it was a good time to invest some money, but it was rather difficult for foreigners to open a bank account in Phnom penh(Yet, it’s still possible to open an account in some cities!). Moreover, you need to pay for an exchange rate, and remittance fees… I couldn’t be bothered to go through these procedures, and I though the returns wouldn’t be that much.

I made a research about investment, and I finally found P2P lending.


ソーシャルレンディングの仕組みとは?  How does P2P lending work?

(日本のソーシャルレンディング業界最大手、Maneoから抜粋。 This pic is taken from the Biggest P2P lending company, Maneo.)




Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money without the use of an official financial institution as an intermediary. Peer-to-peer lending removes the middleman from the process, but it also involves more time, effort and risk than the general brick-and-mortar lending scenarios.

P2P lending is also known as social lending or crowdlending.




現在日本には約25のソーシャルレンディング運営会社があります。会社比較はCrowd Portというサイトにまとまっていますので、ご参照下さい。



What’s really good about P2P lending is, you can invest even for small money, like $200. The returns are normally over 5%, and some companies offer over 10%! Investment periods start from a month, and long one is about 2 years.

If you can invest your money by 5% per year, that’s a pretty good job. P2P lending is a sensational way to earn money.  All you (investors) have to do is, choose a fund which you wish to invest in, and that’s it! After that, you don’t need to do anything, but just get monthly dividends. How cool it is aye?

There are about 25 P2P lending companies in Japan at the moment. If you want to know about them, take Crowd Port’s website.(Sorry, but it’s written in Japanese!)

I’m currently investing 3 P2P companies. On this post, I’ll introduce these companies, and my profit reports! (If you wish to use P2P lending companies in Japan, you need National ID number, so called “My number”. )


マネオ  Maneo

(クリックでマネオHPへ。Click then jump to Maneo’s website. There is English tab)




Maneo is the leading, and the biggest P2P lending company. This company has been running over a decade. Registered users are over 70000, and the sum of completed loan is 130 billion yen(June, 2018).  Investment yield is mostly 5%. If you register Maneo, you can also register 10 associated P2P lending companies!

Their projects vary from domestic business funds to overseas real estate. There has been no bad debt so far, so it’s pretty reliable to invest your money in Maneo.


・運用成績公開!  My investment report!




I started investing money in Maneo, and the initial capital was 500000 yen. In this May, one of the projects ended, and I moved 100000 yen to Robo-advisor. Investment yield is 5%, and actually it’s lower than the other companies. Moreover, there are ranks, depending how much money you invest in Maneo. If you invest a little money, you can’t invest in good projects…

I would like to earn money effectively, so I’m going to move money out from Maneo. However, I’ve been able to earn 16000 yen just for a half year, which is cool!  If you deposit money in banks in Japan, you get nothing. I think banks will definitely struggle in the future.


・お勧め度  Overall rating ⭐︎⭐︎


Investment yield is about 5%, and there are ranks depends how much money you invest. These points are cons for me, however the biggest pro is that, Maneo is the biggest, and the most reliable P2P company. It might be a good idea to start your P2P lending investment from Maneo!


クラウドリース  Crowd Lease


(クリックでクラウドリースHPへ。Click then jump to Crowd Lease’s website.)





Crowd lease is lending money to an amusement industry, and food industry for capital investment. The investment yield is over 10%, which is pretty high!

Most of the projects’ investment periods are less than a year, so if you are worried to invest your money in long ones, this company is for you! However, the number of registered member is still 5000, but each project’s amount to be raised is roughly 5 million yen. Thus, you need to be prompt to make a decision. They often organise ” ~ special project”, and the yield is over 12%, so you’ve got to be prepared for it.

This company also hasn’t experienced a bad debt so far.


・運用成績公開!  My investment report!




I also started investing money in Crowd Lease from last December, the capital was 500000 yen. I put 100000 yen in April, and 200000 yen in May, and June respectively. As I said previously, they often organise special projects, and I transferred money very fast. Speed is required for investment!

I’m planning to increase the capital in the future.


・お勧め度  Overall rating ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎



The amount to be raised is rather small, so you need to be hurry to make a decision. However, investment yield is over 10%, and investment periods are rather short, so I can recommend this company!


グリーンインフラレンディング  Green Infra Lending
(クリックでグリーンインフラレンディングHPへ。Click then jump to Green Infra Lending website.)
Finally, I’ll introduce my favorite company, Green Infra Lending. This company invests money in renewable energy industries, such as solar power generation, biomass power generation, and hydro‐electric generation.
It’s really cool to get involved in social contribution by investing money in such projects.  The average investment yield is 12.14%, and this is the highest amongst this field! This company has been growing rapidly since they started in 2016. Sure, this company hasn’t got any bad debt yet.
However! Few days ago(the 11th June), they announced that, they stopped some of their projects due to some investigation. Further information has been waited.

・運用成績公開!  My investment report!




I also started investing in this company from December in 2017, and the initial capital was 500000 yen. I increased the amount by 300000 yen in April, and 200000 yen in May. This company also organises some “special project”. You need to keep an eye on it!

I was planning to increase the capital, but better wait for the further announcement…


・お勧め度  Overall rating ⭐︎⭐︎



I would like to give them 3 stars, but I’m bit worried about the announcement. I hope it’ll be ok soon…


まとめ… In a nut’s shell…











I’ve introduced P2P lending this time, as it’s a really easy investment. You can earn money while you are travelling.

Last but not least, remember the golden rules, that you invest your excess cash, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket! All the responsibility is on you. However, P2P lending is a mid-risk mid-return investment, so I do recommend it for the beginners! You can easily earn money while you are travelling, or working.

・After being registered, you can earn money pretty much doing nothing!

・If you don’t have any investment history, better start with Maneo, the tycoon of P2P lending in Japan!

・Invest your excess cash, and your own risk!

I’ll post my regular reports in the future, so stay tuned! Have a nice weekend!



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