成都国際空港で1泊! Sleep in Chengdu airport!


以前投稿しました、今年2月にネパールへ渡航した際、成都国際空港にてかな〜り久々の(恐らく10年振り?)空港泊をしたので、その時の情報を共有しようかと思います。どうですか、この需要がかなり無さそうな投稿。これからもTravel Junkieは、マニアックな情報もどんどん投稿して行きますよw


你好! It’s Taka. Have you ever slept overnight at airports? If you travel to far and unpopular destinations, you need to require a long layover.

As I wrote on my previous post, I went to Nepal this February, and I experienced to sleep in Chengdu airport.(It was over a decade ago, since I slept overnight at an airport.) Thus, I would like to share useful information about the airport this time! I’m sure there are very few people to look for such maniac information… Travel Junkie is going to post maniac information!


ネパールへの長い道のり…  A very long way to Nepal…




I was searching a flight ticket at the end of last year, but the connections were terrible… Of course, there were short layovers tickets, but the prices were pretty high. I think, it’s not a popular destination, so the price competition isn’t fierce.




When I book a flight ticket, I always use Expedia, as they often offer the cheapest flight ticket. Moreover, the website is user-friendly. I wouldn’t say which website, but there are really useless ones aye?





This is the detail of my flight to Nepal. 10 hours layover in Beijing, and 8 ours layover in Chengdu! OMG… In Beijing, it was daytime, so it wasn’t a big deal, but sleeping in Chengdu? I thought it would be a tough night.

Look at the total flight time, 30 hours! It’s pretty much the same when I went to Guatemala! Bloody far!





Here comes the flight info to Japan. There is a 19 hours layover at Chengdu! I sure tried to book a hotel near the airport. However, I couldn’t book a room at all, even though Hotel’s.com showed available rooms. My friend also experienced this issue when he went to Nepal. I wonder why?

There was a transit at Lhasa on both ways, and I was a bit excited.


往路で思いがけない発見…  I found a good spot…





I left the midwinter of Japan(2 days before my departure, it was snowing in Tokyo as well!), and safely arrived in Beijing airport. It was written Free Wifi, so I went to an information counter, but I couldn’t get the connection…

Beijing airport is quite big, but there were many people, and few places to sit. Restaurants were bit expensive, so I went to a convenience store to buy a cup noodle. BTW, I could use my JCB credit card in China.


・成都国際空港には2つターミナルがあります。  There are 2 terminals in Chengdu airport




After the long layover, I finally arrived in Chengdu airport. It was a domestic flight, so I arrived in terminal 1. The next flight was an international one via Lhasa, so the airplane took off from the terminal 2.

During the daytime, there are free shuttle buses between the terminals.However, it was a midnight, so there was no shuttle service. I decided to walk to the terminal 2. If you get off from the terminal 1, you see the terminal 2 on your left. It took just 10mins to the terminal 2, so no worry!





The second floor is a departure floor, and there isn’t much space to chill. There is a food court, but it was a midnight, so surely closed. I was wandering around the first floor, I found massage chairs!

I  thought, I was going to stay here till morning, but the chair was uncomfortable, and I wanted to lie down… It was still pretty long for my next flight, so I started wandering again. Then…


・安住の地は一階右奥の奥にあった! Your bed is at the right end of the first floor!




If you keep walking on the first floor to the right, you’ll find the benches like the pic. There were benches in different places, but there were no cushions, or there were other ones with cushions, but they were too close to the arrival gate, and too many people!

This place was rather quiet and comfortable, as all the doors around this area were closed. Thus, not many people walk around here,and no cold wind came in. You’d better walk to find a good spot!


空港泊にオススメのアイテム!  Recommended items for sleeping in airport!




I love travelling, but I also love camping. Thus, I’ve been searching the gears that give me a good sleep. There are really wonderful products on market, so I’ll introduce my favorite items!

・快眠にはやっぱりしっかりした枕!  A solid pillow for a sound sleep!

エアーピロー 空気枕 超軽量 コンパクト 柔らかい 持ち運びやすい 旅行 キャンプ アウトドア ハイキング 睡眠用 車 飛行機 クッション (グリーン)

(2018/6/19 22:59時点)



First and foremost, this travel pillow. The most important point for travelers and campers, is light & compact! This pillow is really light, but the most amazing part of this pillow is, you just need to blow 3~4 times, then the pillow becomes fully inflated! I don’t know how it works, but it’s really cool.




If you travel developing countries, you might encounter dirty bed linens, right? This pillow is pretty useful for travelling! This pillow is the best by far. This pillow is a little bigger than the normal ones, so it really supports your head.

・寒さ対策にコンパクトシーツ!  A compact sheet against the cold!

Cocoon(コクーン) IST91 サファリ トラベルシーツ シルク ヴァイン

(2018/6/19 23:17時点)




Yep, I already introduced this product before. This Cocoon’s travel sheet is also very compact, and it does warm you up a lot!

There are cotton ones, but I definitely recommend silk ones. Both lightness, and warmth are much better! I’ve been using the silk one over a decade, and it’s been still my travel & camping partner. Silk one is bit delicate, but if you treat it well, you can use it over 10 years!

・音に過敏なあなたに…  For the sensitive ears…

Onvian 耳栓 安眠 防音 ライブ 睡眠 飛行機 シリコン 高性能 イヤープロテクター 水洗い可 いびき 旅行 射撃 騒音フィルター付き

(2018/6/20 13:34時点)




Lastly, I wanna introduce the ear plugs. I’m quite sensitive to noise, and I can’t sleep at all under the noisy environment. That’s why I always bring the ear plugs for travelling. The big cities in South East Asia can be pretty noisy all night, so using ear plugs really help my sleep, even while I’m on a train, bus, and airplane.

I also love music festivals, but my eardrums are sensitive, so I don’t wanna expose my ears to loud music for a long time. Otherwise, I’ll have a ringing in my ears for few days… This type of ear plugs cut unnecessary range, but I can hear music comfortably well!


本格四川料理を空港で!  Enjoy the authentic Sichuan food at the airport!
I would like to report the foods at the airport.
Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province, and very famous for its spicy, yet delicious foods! I wanted to stay in the city, and enjoy the authentic Sichuan foods, but as I wrote earlier, I couldn’t book a room.
However, there were many great foods in the restaurants in the airport! Surprisingly, most of the dishes were around 30CNY(roughly $5). Cheap as!
I was able to save the money for accommodation, so I spent money on foods.
It looks pretty spicy, but it wasn’t that much, and the taste was just great! I ordered a bottle of Heineken, and pickled cucumbers, and these set me back around $10. Reasonable indeed!
I had another noodle at the same restaurant like last night! This noodle was very smooth, and shiny. There were deep fried beans on the top, and it created a very nice combination with the noodle.
As you can see, there were tons of herbs in the soup, and I really love it! 好吃!
This is the restaurant where I had the noodle. If you stand the bench on your back, just keep walking to the right. There is only one restaurant on the first floor, so you never miss it.
I was able to use JCB credit card here, and a cashier spoke English. What a relief!
When it comes to Sichuan food, you can’t miss tantanmen(担々麺). I had this noodle after passing the immigration procedure. This noodle had no soup. The firm noodle was very well mixed together with spicy minced port!
Of course, I could eat some foods in the airplane, but Sichuan airline served pretty poor meals… However, the cabin attendants were beautiful, and their Chinese dress uniforms were very enjoyable! hahaha.
まとめ…  In a nut’s shell…
I again posted a maniac topic. If you fly from Tokyo to Nepal, you might have to be stuck in a big Chinese city. I hope this post will help you, if you decide to sleep in Chengdu airport!
・If you wanna have a sound sleep, just go to the first floor of terminal 2, and keep walking to the right!
・Bring a solid portable pillow, travel sheet, and ear plugs! These really do help a quality of sleep!
・The foods are reasonable in the airport, so enjoy the authentic Sichuan foods!
・Sichuan airline serves pretty poor meals, but cabin attendants are rather beautiful!
That’s all for this time! If you book a room in China, Please use Trivago, and compare few websites. If you can book a room, please leave a message! Cheers!


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