【冬季ヒマラヤ登山 / Trekking Himalaya in winter】2月アンナプルナ周遊の装備 / Gears for Annapurna circuit in Feb

Kia ora guys, it’s Taka! Where is your favorite country?
I’ve been often asked “Where is my most favorite country?” by my friends.  It’s a tough question, since every country has its beautiful things.
However, I can comfortably say that, Thailand is the BEST! There are beautiful beaches, mountains, great foods, and great people… definitely love the county!
しかし!タイに負けず劣らず僕の大好きな国。それは ネパール です。
However! I equally love  Nepal  as well! My first visit to the country was in 2004, the country often went strike, lead by the Maoists, and it was a bit chaotic at that time. Because of that, there were much less tourists compare to now.
However, I met great people during my stay there, and we went to Everest base camp together. It sure was one of my best memories in my life!
In 2006, I visited Nepal again, when I went to Tibet with my friend, who took me to Everest base camp. And again, I went to Nepal for my third time in this year(2018), from the mid of Feb for a month.
You know, the other friend, who went to Everest base camp together, took a trekking to Annapurna circuit last year… Since I heard that story, Nepal had been on my mind, and luckily enough(?) I did quit the job at the end of the year. Thus, I decided to go to Nepal for trekking!
Yeah, I traveled as getting unemployment benefits as I wrote the previous post. Cool Huh?
ネパールのトレッキングシーズン  The trekking season in Nepal
Generally speaking, the trekking season in Nepal is from the end of Oct to mid of May, as during the period is dry.
However, Nepal is located in the Northern hemisphere, so there sure is winter from Dec to Feb. The height of Kathmandu is about 1400m high, so it’s pretty cold in the evening and morning. If you plan to go trekking, you do need solid gears.
My trekking plan was making “Around Annapurna” for 2 weeks, from the end of Feb.
The route starts from the village called “Besisahar ” (taking a bus from Pokhara), then walk around the Annapurna mountain range. The highlight of this trekking is “Thorong la“, the biggest pass in the world, and the attitude is 5416m.
(サイトのトップ写真にも使われている、この写真はトロンパスに向かう途中の絶景です。 This pic is used for my blog’s top, taken on the way to Throng la.)
ちなみに、僕は、 Trekk Inn と言う海外のウェブショップから購入しています。日本で購入するより大分安く買えます!商品が届くまで、大体2週間かかります、また高額商品を買うと関税がかかる時がありますが、それを加味しても日本で買うより断然安いです!
However, I did search how cold, and how much snowfall in Feb in the areas, but I couldn’t find certain information. I was wondering what kind of gears I should bring… Thus, I’m going to write about which gears you’ll need trekking in Nepal in winter this time!
By the way, I buy outdoor products from  Trekk Inn . Since the price of outdoor products is rather expensive in Japan. I’m not sure about your country, but better compare the price first.
It normally takes 2 weeks to get a product to Japan, and if you buy some expensive product, you may need to pay taxes. However, it’s still way cheaper than buying from the real shops!
ネパール冬季トレッキングに必要なギア  The gears you need trekking in Nepal during winter


・寝袋 / Sleeping bag

Of course, it’s a copy one, so it can’t stand for -20degrees. But I did NOT feel cold at all, and slept very well like a baby!
By the way, the thin one on the pic is a travel sheet from Cocoon. It’s a versatile product! It can warm up about 5 degrees, if it’s put in your sleeping bag. It’s also very useful when you travel in South East Asia. You know, some budget accommodation don’t clean bed linen. I’ve been using it over a decade!
There are cotton ones, and silk ones. I do recommend silk one, as it’s much thinner, lighter, and warmer!
僕は過去、検品業界で働いていたので、近い将来コピー品を海外で購入する時に役立つ、検品技術を投稿したいと思っています!東南アジアでは、ホーチミンがコピー品のメッカでなかなか良いNorth Faceの物が買えますよ。
As you can see, there is a tag like this… but I don’t trust it at all!
There are tons of outdoor shops in Kathmandu, but the quality isn’t the same, and it’s really tough to find good products.
I was working for an inspection company. Thus, I’ll write about how to inspect clothes near the future. It’s pretty useful when you buy products especially in Asia. FIY, Ho Chi Minh is a good spot to buy FAKE North Face products.

・ジャケット / Jackets

(写真クリックすると、写真のミレーのジャケット購入ページに飛びます。 Click the pic, then jump to the page of Millet’s hard-shell jacket.)
食堂に暖炉はありますが、どこも大体夕方の4~5時以降でないと使用してくれませんからね。その為にも、 ダウンジャケットはあると非常に重宝します! 僕が持って行ったような分厚い物でなくても良いので、コンパクトダウンを持参すると良いでしょう。ネパールでも購入できますが、あまりオススメしません。(これも後日投稿します!)
From the left,Millet’s Gore-Tex jacket , Montane’s fleece jacket, and Moncler’s down jacket.
I never felt cold while I was working. In fact, I wore a T shirt, and long sleeve while walking even over 4000m high.
I put on the fleece jacket early in the morning. I wore the fleece, and Gore-tex jackets on the day I crossed the Thorong la pass. Against for rain and snow, a hard-shell jacket is highly advisable.
The good thing about this jacket is, its design. The huge pockets can store many things, and these are really useful.
A 3-layer Gore-tex jacket isn’t cheap, but it sure is a versatile one for city-use, and the nature. If you maintain it well, you can easily use it over 5 years.
I was wondering if I should have brought a down jacket… My friend said, the problem is, when you stay in lodges! Of course, temperature plummets after the sun goes down, and there is no heater in a sleeping room. Moreover, the wind might come in from gaps…
There should be fire places in dining rooms, but fires are on after 4~5pm. That’s why  you may want to take a down jacket!  You don’t need to bring a thick one like mine, but a compact one will definitely make you comfortable. You can buy one in Nepal, but I don’t recommend it. (Yes, I’ll post about it in the future!)

・パンツ / Pants








From the left, Mammut’s down pants, fake Mammut’s pants, and Arc’teryx’s pants.

The friend, who visited Nepal last year bought the fake Mammut’s pants for me. Its logo is pretty good shape, and it’s difficult to find in Nepal. Most of the logos of Mammut in Nepal are very poor quality.

I was comfortably surprised that these pants were water repellent. However, there is one drawback. The belt strap is too tight, so it’s difficult to adjust… This is the reality of fake products! Hahaha.

The down pants were very useful indeed, when I stayed in the lodges. One Belgian lady said “Hey, you’ve got nice pants!  You don’t need a sleeping bag, do you?” Hahaha, of course, I did need a sleeping bag. However, these pants are very warm, and compact. I absolutely recommend the pants! I wear them for winter camp.

By the way, I also took tights as well, but I wore them on the day, I crossed Thorong la pass.


・ベースレイヤー / Base layer 



皆さんご存知の通り、 登山に綿製品はご法度 。汗で濡れる→乾きにくい→体が冷える→低体温と言う、高所では命取りになるケースもあります。近年の繊維製品の技術革新も目まぐるしく、速乾性や抗菌性能を兼ね備えた素晴らしい商品がどんどん出ていますよね!



From the upper left, fake Forth face’s long sleeve, Macpac’s merino wool long sleeve, the bottom left, authentic North face’s T shirt, and Mont-bell’s T shirt.

As you know,  wearing cotton products for trekking is no-no . Sweat→Stay wet→Getting cold→Hypothermia… it could be really dangerous. In recent years, the development of textile product has been improving dramatically. There are many innovative functions, such as quick-dry,and antibacterial etc.

You can get synthetic material T shirts in Kathmandu.However, as I mentioned before, there are dozens of poor quality products, so check very well before you buy!


・小物類 / Small stuff

僕はあまりノース好きでは無いので、色んなお店を見て回って、発見したのがこのキャップでした。ネパールで納得の行くコピー物を買うには、 とにかく歩き回って 多くの商品をチェックすることですよ!
Let’s talk about small stuff which I took. This cap was bought in Pokhara, I paid 6$. I saw many folded brimmed caps, but most of them were North face. I personally don’t like the brand very much, so I walked a lot… and finally I found it! If you want to buy some good products in Nepal, you need to  WALK A LOT  to check as many shops as possible!
Most of the route in Annapurna circuit, you get the sunlight on the back of your head. The sun is very strong indeed in the mountains, so wearing a cap is essential!

GIM ハイドレーション 給水袋 水補給 水分補給 ハイドレーション水筒 ハイキング 登山 サイクリング 2L 無臭 掃除便利 日本語取扱説明書付き(広口 改良版)

(2018/6/13 13:40時点)

Many foreign trekkers carried plastic bottles, as they complained that a thermos is heavy. I mainly used the hydration bag, and the thermos was a sub-bottle.
At the begging of trekking(the first 2~3days), the attitude isn’t high, so you’ll sweat a lot. For that reason, you need to bring a lot of water, otherwise you might get dehydrated. It’s a pain in the ass to put your bag down each time, when you drink water. The hydration bag did a great job for me!
ネパールは、山の中に限らず停電が多いです!ほぼ毎日停電になります。よって、ヘッドライトは必須アイテムです。トイレ行く時に大活躍ですし、ポカラで一度町中が停電になり、自転車をレンタルしていた僕は、ヘッドライトを使用して町中を疾走していましたw Black Diamondの物は使い勝手も良いので超お勧めです。

MPOWERD アウトドア インフレータブルLEDソーラーランタン 充電残量表示付 防水 特許登録済

(2018/6/13 13:46時点)

You’ll experience power cuts pretty much every day not only in the mountains, but also in Katmandu and Pokhara… yes, pretty much the whole country! That’s why headlight is essential, and bringing a compact lantern is advisable. It’s really useful, as it works with solar power! A great product for camping.

・防寒対策 / Against the cold

Except for the gloves(the pic left up), all the products are MONTANE. This English maker isn’t popular at all in Japan, or maybe in other countries either.
However, the quality is just awesome! I really do love the fleece jacket, which I mentioned before. The design is superb, and it’s made by a breathable material, so you won’t sweat a lot.
I brought the pants against rain & snow, but luckily enough, the weather wasn’t that bad, so I didn’t wear them. I bought the pants for 15000yen(about 140$) on sale, the original price was 70000yen(about 680$). How lucky I was! and I wear them for skiing.
Bringing beany and neck warmer was also pretty helpful. Inside of the beanie is fleece material, so it’s very warm indeed! Wearing the neck warmer helped against the cold, and it could be a mask while walking.  It’s killing two birds with one stone.
(写真をクリックすると、モンテインの手袋購入ページに飛びます。 Click the pic, then jump to the page of Montane’s gloves)
I brought thin and thick gloves, these are also MONTANE’s . I used the thin ones around 3000m high, when I started walking in the mornings. The thick ones were used in the higher lodges, and the day when I crossed the pass.
By the way, recent gloves get very compact! These ones are once again , and they can be compact as palm-sized. Of course, they are water-proof, and breathable. Protecting your tip of fingers are very important!

・靴 / Shoes

今回は冬季の登山と言うことで、積雪が一番の懸念事項でした。3300mのUpper Pisangという村で、朝起きたら一面真っ白…という事態に逢いましたが、さほど積もっていなく、また朝食を食べている頃から急速に天候が回復して雪も溶け出していたので、問題なく歩くことができました。


I was pretty worried about snow, before going trekking. I stayed the village called, Upper Pisang(3300m high). I woke up in the morning, and outside was completely white… But, luckily enough, the snow wasn’t that deep, and the weather was recovering dramatically, so I could continue to walk on that day.


これが、Upper Pisangでの積雪具合です。雪も乾燥したパウダースノーで、滑る事はありませんでした。今回僕の履いて行った、Merrell Capra Midのグリップ力は素晴らしかったです。メレルの靴は過去にも何個か履きつぶして来ましたが、大変満足しています。



This is the snowfall of Upper Pisang. The snow was dry, so it wasn’t slippery. This time, I took Merrell Capra Mid, and these shoes have a great grip on soles. I had few Merrell products before, but I’ve been satisfied with their products.

The shoes are very light indeed, and thanks to Gore-tex, highly breathable.That’s why my feet stayed dry and really comfortable to walk! I didn’t get any blister.






Over 5000m high, there had been snow already, and the day before I crossed the Thorong la, it was snowing… As you can see the pic, the snow is rather deep. However, the snow was very dry, and thanks to the other trekkers’ footprints, walking up wasn’t difficult.

The problem was, when I was descending. There were some tricky points. The snow was a bit deep, up to my shin, and pretty slippery. You don’t need to bring solid crampons, but better bring light weighted ones. I’ll definitely bring light-weighted ones for next time.





By the way, the sandals on the pic were bought in Ho Chi Minh city! (Sure, these are copy.) However! these sandals are really comfortable, and have a great grip. I’ve been highly satisfied with these sandals! I’ve been testing them at the moment, so I’ll write a review near the future. 
I’m sure the authentic one’s are much better than mine! Hahaha.I was wearing the sandals in the lodges. After long walking, your feet should be relaxed, aye? When you take a shower, sandals are better.


まとめ  In a nuts shell…




Well, it’s a bit long article this time. I do love outdoor gears, so want to talk about it more. But, each product’s review is coming shortly!








Let’s recap.

・There isn’t much snow even for Feb, but If you want to go over 5000m, better bring light-weighted crampons.

・You can buy pretty much any gears in Nepal, but jackets and shoes should be authentic ones.

Bring a solid sleeping bag!

Mid Feb is a off-season, so there aren’t many tourists, and I really enjoyed it. Prepare well against the cold, and please do enjoy trekking! If you have any questions, just leave a message. I’ll post my trekking reports near the future. See ya guys, Ciao!


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