関東圏内で最も美しい紅葉を見るなら谷川岳! Mt.Tanigawa could be the best spot for Autumn color in Kanto region!





Kia ora, it’s Taka here! Man, we are having a beautiful Autumn time here in Japan!

I do hate the Japanese summer, thus Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons! Camping, taking an Onsen, and trekking… you just feel comfortable doing such activities. 





Well, my Thai partner visited me at the end of October, so we went to Gunma pref to watch Autumn color!

It was simply beautiful and the hotel we stayed in Minakami was also awesome! That’s why I would like to share my experiences. 


関東地方の紅葉の見頃は?  When can you watch Autumn color in Kanto region?




It totally depends on the weather and where you watch, but generally speaking, if you go to some mountains, at the end of October could be the peak season, and in the cities, you could expect at the middle to the end of November.




This pic was taken on the 8th of October, when I climbed up to Mt. Mantarou (Tanigawa mountain range). I could enjoy Autumn color up in the mountain, the contrast of green and red leaves was absolutely beautiful!


谷川岳で紅葉を見るならココ!  The best spot for Autumn color in Mt. Tanigawa!





It’s very beautiful indeed to watch Autumn color up in the mountain, but Mt. Tanigawa is pretty hard one. There is the cable car, but it’s a pretty nice walkway. 

This time, I’m going to introduce 2 spots, which take an hour-walk from the car parkings.


~マチガ沢  Machiga-Sawa~





First of all, If you travel by car, I recommend you to park a car at the post, which I pointed on the map.

(There is a memorial statue in the spot, so easy to find it!)

If you are lucky, you can park there for free! Otherwise, you need to park at Mt. Tanigawa ropeway and it costs 1000yen. I’m sure during weekends are pretty busy.




そこから20分も歩けば、写真の様な美しい紅葉を見る事が出来る「 マチガ沢 」に到着します!



If you walk up from the memorial park, you are going to pass the information centre. You can have free water here, so don’t forget to refill your bottles!

It takes about 20mins from the centre, now you reach to “Machiga-Sawa”. Look at the pic, beautiful aye?

I’ve been visiting Mt. Tanigawa few times this year, but It was my first time to see the top of the mountain. Mt. Tanigawa is notoriously famous for its bad weather… 


~ 一ノ倉沢  Ichinokura-Sawa~





You reach to “Ichinokura-Sawa” from Machiga-Sawa about 20 mins. You can see the rugged side of Mt. Tanigawa from Ichinokura-Sawa. Actually, Mt. Tanigawa has the highest death rate in the world and most of the accidents have happened at here, Ichinokura-Sawa. (Please refer to Wiki)

However, the view from here was simply divine! I really do love this mountain!





Look at this beautiful Autumn color… Breathtaking indeed!

The weather was good when we started walking, but when we reached to Ichinokura-Sawa, it was getting cloudy and bit windy. The weather around Mt. Tanigawa is extremely unpredictable, so please prepare very well. Do NOT underestimate the mountain!





We had lunch here as watching this beautiful view. Eating cup noodle in the mountain is just awesome!

I introduced this Iwatani’s compact stove before. If you travel Japan and wish to save money, better grab this awesome product!



谷川岳付近のオススメ宿!  The recommended hotel near Mt. Tanigawa!

(写真クリックでHotel’s.comのサイトに飛びます。 Click the pic, then jump to Hotel’s.com)




If you visit Mt. Tanigawa, you wish to sleep at a great Onsen hotel right? There are tons of Onsens in Gunma pref, and every onsen is pretty good!

This time, we stayed at “Minakami Onsen” and it takes about 20 mins to Mt. Tanigawa. Minakami is very famous for rafting and skiing, I’m sure if you are into outdoor activities, you might know this place.





This time, we stayed at MICASA, and there was a private Onsen in the room. It wasn’t cheap but we truly enjoyed our stay in the hotel! I always wished to stay in a room with private onsen…

If you’ve got tattoos, no worry at this hotel.





This is the outside bath tub in my room. There is a pond under the tub.

The spring quality is clear and odorless. It was a pretty mild one compare to Kusatsu or Nikko Yumoto.





This is the chartered bath. We stayed on Sunday, but it was the peak season of Autumn color, so bit busy. When you check in, better reserve it ASAP!

There are also onsens for men and women, so don’t worry about it.






Well, it’s time for dinner! This hotel was a bit pricy, so the food was pretty good.

The dish on the right corner is called “Konnyaku” made from the starch of devil’s tongue. They said, this Konnyaku was homemade, and yes it was very good one! My partner liked it very much.

Gunma pref is a great producer of veges and fruits. When you visit Gunma, please do enjoy the fresh veges and fruits!






This meat was frozen, so it was just ok…

Gunma’s pork is very delicious indeed! When you visit Gunma, better try “Motsu-ni”, innards stew! Motsu-ni is the soul food for Gunma pref. 




This “Ayu” (Sweetfish) was also great. There were meat and fish, so rather gorgeous dinner aye?

When it came to fish, I wanted to have sake…




I had this sake, yep the name is “Tanigawadake”. If you visit Mt. Tanigawa, better try this sake. This sake is a dry taste and it goes well with fish. Man, I’m so glad to be Japanese…


This was dessert, this Mochi was made from again Konnyaku. It wasn’t too sweat and the texture was unique. I really enjoyed the dinner! 




The next day, we had a great brekky. This was like a typical Onsen-breakfast, very well-balanced right? 

They served new rice of this year and it was delicious.  I wish I could have such a brekky everyday…


~オススメ度  Rating~ ☆☆☆





This hotel has a very high cost-performance, as you can stay the room with private onsen for roughy $300. As you saw that the meals were pretty good!

In case, you wish to stay in cheaper options, there are the rooms about $200. The hotel itself is clean and cozy and the staff members are prompt.

Please note that there is a bath tax in Minakami onsen, so the hotel asks 150yen for each person.


まとめ…  In a nut’s shell…












This time, I’ve been introducing my favorite place, Mt. Tanigawa in Gunma pref. The autumn color in Japan is just amazing! If you visit Japan during the season, please go to Mt. Tanigawa.

It’s almost the end of autumn color in Japan, but you can still enjoy it in Tokyo area. Yoyogi park is an oasis in Tokyo, so why not visit there?


・Autumn color at Mt. Tanigawa is just awesome! Please enjoy a walk to “Ichinokura-sawa”!

・The weather can be very changeable indeed at Mt. Tanigawa, so please prepare very well!

MICASA at Minakami onsen is highly recommended! It’s just $300 for a room with a private onsen and the food is delicious!


That’s it for this time! If you travel to Mt. Tanigawa by public transportation, please refer to this page

It might be another option to travel Japan by car. Driving in Tokyo is a hassle, but once you get out of the town, it’s ok and it’s much easier to go anywhere!


Nippon Rent-A-Car has English, Korean, Chinese, and Thai language … I hope it will help you to find a car!

I do recommend Sub-compact type, we call “Kei”. This type is suitable for couple, good mileage and easy to drive in the big cities.

It’s getting colder in the northern hemisphere… stay warm guys, see you very soon!


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