【たった40バーツ?バンコク最安値蟹チャーハン!/ Only 40THB? The cheapest fried rice with crab!】


AQI=Air Quality Indexの略だそうです。勉強になりますな〜。



Sawasdee krup! Today (12th of Mar), Chiang mai has the worst air pollution rate in the world! OMG!

By the way, AQI = Air Quality Index.

I feel that the countries like Cambodia or Nepal, where there are many unpaved roads, could be much worse. Don’t you think? Well, actually I can’t see Doi Sutep (mountain) from my room, so it’s densely foggy indeed!


バンコク最安の蟹チャーハンとは!? / Cheapest Fried rice with crab!?


先日の記事で予告しました通り、今回は僕がバンコク滞在時に利用する、スティサーンエリアに 週末だけ 出現する、激ウマ&激安蟹チャーハン屋台をご紹介いたします!

毎度毎度の、僕の定宿SPB Paradise Hotelから徒歩圏内です!このホテル、商業エリアにあるので朝&昼飯の選択肢はめっちゃあって、非常に快適ですよ。MRTの駅までも近いので、非常に交通の便が良いです!


As I mentioned on the last post, I’m going to share the delicious & the cheapest fried rice with crab restaurant, which is  open during only weekends  in Sutthisan area!

The restaurant is a walking distance from my usual hotel in Bangkok, SPB Paradise Hotel! This hotel is located in a business district, so there are many options for brekky and lunch. It’s also close to MRT station, so very convenient to go anywhere!


【バンコクお勧めエリア / Best area in Bangkok】やっぱりスティサーン一択! Sutthisan is the best area in Bangkok!


場所は何処? / Where is the location?


まずは目印となるDouble DD Houseと言うホテルを見つけましょう!この辺りも、沢山のお店&屋台が立ち並んでおります。

しかし週末になると、普段出店している洋服などの屋台と入れ替わり、今回ご紹介する蟹チャーハンの屋台が出て居ます。週末しか出店しない屋台なので、Google mapに登録が無いようですね。


First of all, you need to find Double DD house! The restaurant is pretty close from the hotel. There are many shops and stalls on this soi too.

During the weekends, some stalls aren’t there, and they swap to other stalls. The food stall, which I’m about to introduce is also open during weekends, that’s why they aren’t on Google map.



Double DD Houseの前の通りを歩いて行くと、この様に蟹の看板を掲げたこちらの屋台が見えてきます!おめでとうございます。



If you keep walking and pass Double DD House, you will find the stall which has the signboard with CARB. Congratulations!

I’m not sure what time they start, but it was around 9AM. I also had lunch here too, so I reckon they open from morning till afternoon. I’m sure not for dinner time.




They do organise very well indeed, one guy fries the rice, the other guy prepares the rice and put it into a container… so, you won’t wait that long after grabbing your seat!


待望の蟹チャーハン・ご開帳! / Here comes the fried rice! 



ででん!どうですか、この The・チャーハン を代表する様な見た目wちゃんとモッコリ型に形成されてサーブされます。期待は高まります…


Look at this! This fried rice looks perfect,  this is it!  My expectation has been bigger and bigger…





The egg was mixed very well with rice, and it made my expectation even bigger… How was the texture…







Well well… each rice wasn’t stuck together… my expectation did turn to confidence.

“This fried rice must be good!”


高速で写真を撮り終わり、早速一口。 やっぱり美味い〜! ご飯のパラパラ感も完璧、味付けは非常に優しく塩分&味の素もかなり控え目なお味でした。



As soon as I finished to take the pics, I instantly took the first bite.  Gosh, very good as expected!   It was very well fried, and the taste was very gentle indeed.

I’ve tried many Kao Pad (Fried rice in Thai), some restaurants served very watery fired rice, or some put too much salt or MSG. So, it’s pretty difficult to find a good one!


総評… / Evaluation…


【店名:不明 / Name of the restaurant: Unknown】*誰か分かる方教えて下さいw

【メニュー:カオパットプー / Menu: Kao pad poo】

【値段:普通40バーツ・大盛り50バーツ / Price: 40THB for normal・50THB for big portion】




If you stay in Sutthisan area during weekends, please give it a try! I think this stall offers the cheapest yet the very high quality fried rice with crab for sure! Highly recommended! 


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