【世界温泉紀行:タイ・チェンダオ 土管温泉編 / Hot spring in the world:Thailand・Chiang dao Clay pipe hot spring】


さて、今回は「世界温泉紀行」第2弾!タイはチェンダオ にあります 土管温泉 について書いて行きますよ。チェンダオ湯治旅の拠点となりました、非常に素晴らしいホテルの記事は、下記から参照して下さい。


Sawasdee krup, it’s Taka here! The election safely (?) finished yesterday in Thailand. Chiang mai is peaceful as usual…

On this post, I’m going to write about the “ Clay pipe hot spring ” in Chiang dao. If you haven’t read the previous post, about the great accommodation in Chiang dao, please check the link below.


【世界温泉紀行:タイ・チェンダオ 宿編 / Hot spring in the world:Thailand・Chiang dao’s hotel】


チェンダオ 土管温泉の行き方 / How to get to Clay pipe hot spring



今回のチェンダオ 湯治旅行で宿泊しました、Tao Life Centerからの行き方です。

ハイウェイ107号から、細い路地を進んで行きますが、この道路が非常に凸凹していましてバイクで行かれる方は、 要注意 です!


This is the way to the Clay pipe hot spring from Tao Life Center, where we stayed 2 nights.

When you enter the small road from Highway 107, this road is very bumpy indeed. If you travel there by motorbike,  very careful !


・土管温泉到着 / Arrived in Clay pipe hot spring





Having kept driving the bumpy road, we arrived in the hot spring. The water is pretty hot.



2004年に日本人によって作られた温泉だそうな。 無料 と言うのは非常にありがたい!


This hot spring was built in 2004 by some Japanese. Thankfully enough, it’s  FREE !





We visited on weekday in the afternoon, but there were few groups of Thai people. It was bloody hot on that day, but the weather isn’t any problem for Hot spring lovers, hahaha!





I tried few tabs, but the tub in the middle was the hottest, as very hot water goes into this tub. The tubs by the river were nicely warm, so if you want to soak your body for a long time, pick these tubs.





Taking a bath too long? You can cool down in the river.


・感想 / My opinion






This hot spring is free, and it’s absolutely great. However, “free” attracts some bad manners… There was rubbish around the tubs, and there were hundreds of fries

This hot spring has sulphur smell, but there was another stinky smell in this area… It might have been due to the hot and dry weather.

This hot spring was easy to take, but if you care about cleanness, it might be a bit disappointing… Anyway, many people reviewed pretty good, so it’s the matter of timing I guess.


まとめ… / In nuts shell…


さて、今回はチェンダオにある 土管温泉 の記事でした!








On this post, I’ve been writing about the  Clay pipe hot spring  in Chiang dao!


・The small road, towards to the hot spring is very bumpy, so drive very carefully!

・The hot spring is FREE! There is no locker, so watch out for your valuables!

・It might be a bit dirty, when you visit the hottest season.


That’s it for this time. On the next post, I’m going to write about another hot spring, Pong Arn hot spring. See ya very soon!





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