Crowd Leaseで大規模遅延発生! Many delays have occurred on Crowd Lease!




Hi there, it’s Taka here! It was said that this winter had been pretty warm in Kanto region. However, during the new year holiday, it was pretty cold and lots of snow was falling in the mountains! 

I always celebrate new year with my friends in Gunma. We ate and drunk a lot and enjoyed skiing! Man, it was very nice powder snow indeed! How did you guys celebrate the new year?


クラウドリースから悪い知らせが…  Bad news was delivered from Crowd Lease…





I got an email from Crowd Lease, one of the biggest P to P lending companies in my portfolios. It said that many delays occurred this month… WTF!

There have been several bad news amongst the Japanese P to P lending industry. There were some incidents on Maneo and its group Green Infra Lending too. I put decent amount of money on Green Infra Lending and learnt the importance of diversified investment. Thus, I’ve been withdrawing money from Crowd Lease since the end of last year. However it happened! Goshhh!


その後の対応は…?  How Crowd Lease responded…?




I’ve been incurring a debt by Green Infra. Their respond was bloody useless! They gave me some mails at the begging, but every mail said “We’ve been still investigating the issue and we can not talk about the details yet.” Hey, don’t give me a shit!

It’s been almost a half year since the incident happened. Green Infra do not tell us the progress anymore. Asshole!





Compare to Green Infra, Crowd Lease showed their sincerity(I’m sorry but I can’t be bothered to translate what they wrote!). They responded quite quickly and they explained us how they correct money. It sure did ease my anxiety.

There was a small system bug right after the incident but the bug was fixed within the day. I guess it was a chaos in Crowd Lease!


新規の投資先を追加中!  More new investments on P to P lending!


昨年からあまり良いニュースの無いソーシャルレンディング業界ですが、そのお手軽さと、利回りの高さは僕の投資のテーマである「 旅をしながら 」にぴったりなんですよね。なので以前も記事に書きましたLENDEX以外の会社も開拓してみよう!と口座を開始いたしました。LENDEXの記事をまだお読みで無い方は、下記リンク参照して下さい。


It’s been depressed in the Japanese P to P lending industry. However it’s an easy and high yield investment and it does match my investment style, ”  Easy investment while travelling “. That’s why I opened up some accounts on another companies. I wrote about LENDEX before. If you haven’t read it, please refer the link below!


ソーシャルレンディング LENDEXに投資開始! Started investing in “LENDEX” P2P lending company!






I don’t do anything but I can get money(pretty little tho!) every month. However, LENDEX is NOT that active so I was looking for some different companies.


クラウドバンク  Crowd Bank


クラウドバンク は再生可能エネルギー案件を扱う、証券会社が運営しているソーシャルレンディア会社です。僕は、どうせ投資するなら何か世の為になっている物に投資したいと思っていたので、クラウドバンクが募集しているファンドは魅力的でした!


Crowd Bank deals with many renewable energy projects and run by a securities company.  I wanna invest money on the projects which make the world better, so Crowd Bank is a good choice for me!


ご覧の通りクラウドバンク のファンドは、利回り6.9%、運用期間が半年〜1年以内の案件が多いです。また、ファンドによっては担保&保証両方が付いている案件があるので、僕はそれを選んでいます。現在太陽光発電以外にも、風力発電案件に投資しております!


Opening up an account was smooth, it took only few days. No stress at all!

As you can see, Crowd Bank offers the funds which have 6.9% return and the period is between a half year and 1 year. Some funds have mortgage and guaranty, so I picked up these funds. I’ve been investing in a solar energy project  and wind power project!


魅力的な案件が多いクラウドバンク ですが、更に嬉しいのが 出金手数料が無料 !他の会社は、出金するのに手数料が取られので、こう言った小さいサービスは地味に嬉しいですね。今後も魅力的な案件があったら追加で投資して行こうと思っています!バナーを貼っておきますので、皆様も是非投資の対象としてご検討してみて下さい!


Crowd Bank  offers many attractive funds and they also offer  no commission for withdrawing money ! Most of the P to P lending companies take fees to withdraw money from your account. This is such a small thing but I like it. I’m going to invest more money near the future! I’m going to put a banner, so If you are living in Japan and looking for an investment please give it a try!




アメリカンファンディング  American Funding






American Funding is a group of Maneo and uses their platform. There have been a numbers of problems on Maneo group, so I’m bit worried. However, you can easily invest on American real estate, so I give it a try!

If you are registered on Maneo, it’s easy to open up an account on Maneo group companies. You don’t need to register your details again. It also took only few days to open an account.





American fundings also offers the funds which have 8~10% returns and the investment periods are around a half year to less than a year. The high rate implies that it could be a bit risky investment but it’s good to invest your money in another country’s real estate. Man, it’s such a convenient world right now!

I picked up the real estate project in Texas, return is 10% and the period is 8 months. Let’s hope that nothing will happen for this project… wish me a luck!


まとめ…  In a nuts shell…





クラウドバンク にて新規口座開設しました!再生可能エネルギー案件に積極投資中!






This time, it is bad news for me to announce that Crowd Lease has now many delays on their projects. They are going to announce the following explanation at the beginning of Feb, so let’s hope that we can hear something good! 


・Crowd Lease has many delays on their projects!

・I’ve opened up an account on Crowd Bank, and been investing in the renewable energy projects!

・I’ve also opened up an account on American Funding and been investing in the real estate in Texas state!

That’s all she wrote this time. I really do hope that this year will be a good one for the Japanese P to P lending industry. Anyway, I get back to the basic of investment “Diversified investment”.  Well, I should research the ticket to Thailand trip.

I’m going to quit the current job and get an unemployment welfare while travelling and plan to renew this website! Please stay tuned! See you very soon, Ciao!


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