谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日 ~特別編~お役立ちギア紹介! The gears for walking through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days!


という事で、3回に分けてお届けしました、「谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日」の山行に実際に持って行ったギアや、お役立ち情報を改めてご紹介しようかと思います!

谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日 ~Part 1~

谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日 ~Part 2~

谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日 ~Part 3~


Hi there, it’s Taka. Another typhoon has come to Japan… This summer has been very hot and there have been many typhoons landed in Japan. Oh well… but! in few weeks, autumn is coming and it’s the best season for trekking.

This time, I would like to write about the gears, which I brought to Tanigawa mountain range for 2 nights 3 days. If you visit Japanese mountains, please read this post!

Walk through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days ~Part 1~

Walk through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days ~Part 2~

Walk through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days ~Part 3~


・便利な調理器具&食材関連  Useful cooking tools & foods

さあ、まずは「  」関連から始めましょう!山を歩くと、普段以上にカロリーを猛烈に消費しますし、燃料切れで動けない…なんて事は、絶対に避けたいですからね。

昨今の技術の発達のお陰で、山の上でも簡単に、そして美味しいものが食べられる様になりました。僕は、今まで色んな国に訪れましたが、間違いなく 日本のインスタント食品は世界一と断言出来ます! 


Let’s start with the stuff related with “ Food “! You need much more calories than the normal life, when you are trekking. One thing that you really want to avoid is running out of foods…

Thanks to the latest technologies, you can cook easily and have delicious foods even you are in the mountains. I’ve been to many countries and I can comfortably say that  the Japanese instant foods are the BEST for sure! 


Part 1の記事でも紹介しましたが、こちらの岩谷社製のコンパクトガスバーナーと、ヤカンがあれば間違いありません。カップラーメンはもちろん、湯煎して食べるレトルト食品も調理可能!



I introduced these products already, but this Iwatani’s compact gas stove and a kettle do a great job. You can make instant noodles and boil in the bag meals!

There are many capacities of kettles, but this 600ml kettle is enough to cook a big-sized instant noodle and 2 cups of coffee. These products are really versatile indeed!






My friend used this alcohol stove. The gas stove is compact and very fast to boil water, but the only drawback is a bit noisy.

If you wish to enjoy the silence of nature, this alcohol stove is for you. You do need to bring a windscreen and you can just boil water with this stove, but it’s really nice to watch a fire while boiling water.







We Japanese love rice! During trekking, you need to take a lot of calories and rice is a good source. This rice is called”Alpha rice” and all you have to do is, put hot water and wait 15 mins! If you can’t get hot water, just put water and wait an hour. How convenient it is aye?

Not only for normal rice, there are many many varieties on the market, so you won’t get bored for a long trekking trip. Cool!

Moreover, these types of rice can last for 5 years. Thus, we can keep this kind of rice for the emergency case. As you know, Japan has many earthquakes and typhoons. If you visit Japan, you need to think about the natural disasters all the time.




Next is sweets! I really love sweets since I was a kid. I love alcohol and sweets… so my triglyceride level is high! Hahaha…

The other day, I was reading a magazine and there was an article about this sweets. This is a traditional Japanese sweets called “Yokan”, it’s a bar of jellied bean paste. It’s become popular amongst athletes, as you can take sugar and calories easily and this food can last pretty long too. That’s why many trekkers birng it to the mountains! Cool idea.




I love Yokan, but I prefer “Uirou”, a bar of sweet rice jelly. When I’m trekking, I tend to being eager for something sweet more than usual. I wanted to bring some chocolates, but during summer it’s not a good idea and they don’t keep me going. When you are in Japan, please try the Japanese sweets!



Amazonには、沢山の種類の梅干しが販売されているので、是非登山のお供に持って行ってみて下さい。僕は、群馬にある食の駅「Farm Do」にて購入致しました。地元の新鮮な野菜も安価で販売されているので、群馬に寄った際は必ず覗いていきます。


Last but not least, I want to introduce “Umeboshi”, dried pickled plums! I know many foreigners can’t eat them, as these are very salty and sour. However, these plums contain a lot of salt and citric acid, so very good source for avoiding muscle cramps and recovery from fatigue!

There are dozens of Umeboshi products on Amazon, so please check them! I purchased at “Farm Do“, this is a supermarket chain mainly based in Gunma pref. They sell fresh local foods, so if you visit Gunma, please take a look!


・便利な睡眠グッズ  Useful sleeping gears



従来のエアーマットって、寝心地が悪いし、膨らますのもエライ時間と労力が必要な上に、直ぐ空気が抜ける…という超悪印象しかなかったんですが、最近の物は凄いですね!大きさは、500mlのペットボトルをちょっと大きくした程度で、 重さも500g きっております。また、寝心地も非常に良く、寝返りをうっても体が地面につくこともありませんでした!



Let me intoduce the sleeping gears. I’m sure everyone wishes to have a sound sleep while you are in the mountains, but what you can bring is limited.

I always bring a cot for camping, but it’s pretty heavey so I purchased this air mattress for trekking this time.

Old type air mattresses aren’t comfortable enough to sleep, and they take so much time & energy to being blew up… Moreover, they go flat pretty easily. That’s why I’d been avoiding them, but the latest one is GREAT!  This one is just a bit bigger than a 500ml plastic bottele and its weight is  less than a half Kilo ! I could sleep pretty well and it kept pumped till the next morning.

As it’s written on the description, you need to blow it up about 15 times and it’s completely filled up. Man, you can buy such a thing just for $30!



The folded mattress is light, but it takes a lot of space. That’s why my friend didn’t take this type of mattress this time. If you wish to reduce the weight at all cost, folded type is better.  The original Thermarest is rather expensive, but there are many copycats on the market and there isn’t a big difference on the quality.


友人は、こちらのCrazy Creekの椅子を持参し、寝床としても使用していました。トップ画のザックに括り付けているのが、この椅子ですね。こちらの椅子、登山やスキーの時なんかに大活躍で、場所を選ばずにかなり座り心地の良い椅子になっちゃいます!



My friend brought this Crazy Creek’s folded chair and used it for a mattress. As you can see on the top pic, the chair was attached on his backpack. This chair is very useful indeed while on trekking and skiing, you can take a great rest wherever you want!

You can adjust the angle and if you make it fully flat, you can use it for a mattress! By the way, there are many copycats on the market, but do NOT buy them! The strap parts are rather weak and they can’t hold body weight. Two of my friends bought the copycats and both of them were simply useless…


何度も登場しています、こちらの空気枕!友人も最近、僕のオススメを受けてこの商品を購入しましたが、大絶賛でしたw本当、この空気枕も超優秀で 軽い  コンパクト 、そして 寝心地が良い と非の打ち所がない商品です!



Sorry, I’ve been introducing this air pillow few times alredy, but my friend recently bought it by my recommendation and he really loves it! This pillow is  very light ,  compact , and  you can sleep well ! Sweet as!

I take it not only for camping and trekking, but also when I visit my friends’ place for overnight. It’s a hand-held size, so I put it into my bag without hesitation. You do need a good pillow for a sound sleep!






The last of sleeping gears is earplug. I’m sure there are people who don’t need it at all, but up in the mountains, you are in an animal territory. You’ll hear the loud sound of insects.

I’m quite sensitive against sounds, so I always birng them for outdoor. The silicon ones with the filters work great for a club or music festivals, but when you sleep, the urethan ones are better.


・お役立ち登山道具  Useful trekking gears




First of all, about your feet! As I wrote on the previous post, I saw young people climbing with Nike’s sneakers. There are pretty rough spots on “Nishikuro One” and “Sankaku-san Tozandou”, so better wear mid~high cut ones.

It’s a nightmare that you twist your ankle in the mountains… It’s gonna cost a fortune, if you are rescued by chopper in Japan!


(写真クリックで、Amazonの商品ページに飛びます。 Click then jump to Amazon products page.)


パイル保持性も素晴らしいので、暖かくクッション性も抜群です!メーカーは 3年保証 を謳っているだけあって、耐久性もかなりあります。僕は5足持っていますが、この靴下にはかなり満足しています。超オススメです!


Bridgedale socks are bit pricy, but these socks are the most durable, don’t make your feet tired, and highly odor-resistant!

The piles are pretty thick and durable, so they do keep your feet warm as well! The maker  guarantees their products for 3 yerars , so these sure are very durable indeed. I’ve got 5 pairs of their products and I can highy recommend them!





Last but not least, I would like to recommend poles! I have to admit that I was looking down poles, as I thought these were for the old… However, when I went to Annapurna circuit this year, I did make a debut of trekking poles and I noticed that how easy to walk! I deeply regretted that I should have used trekking poles earlier…

They do reduce the stress on your thighs, and also prevent from twisting your ankles. They sure are really effective!





There are many poles on Amazon, but I do NOT recommend the cheap products. In fact, I brought the poles, which costed about $20 to Annapurna circuit and at that time, they worked perfectly. However, during the trekking this time in Tanigawa mountain range, both of the poles got broken and now these became rubbish…

Luckily enough, it’d been aleady a half year passed since I bought them, but the seller gave me a half-price refund, so I recently bought these Karrimor ones. I haven’t tested them, but as soon as I test them, I’m going to post a review!


まとめ…  In a nuts’ shell…











This time, I’ve introduced the useful gears, which I brought to Tanigawa mountain range this summer. Hot days might continue for a while, but autumn is coming very soon. Please do enjoy the Japanese beautiful nature during autumn, I really love autumn!

There have been many accidents in the mountains in Japan, so prepare very well if you go to the mountains! If you pay some small extra, you can buy great products. It’s better to buy safety!


・A compact stove is very useful for the mountains and camping, and also in case of emergency!

・For a sound sleep, try the air mattress and the pillow, which I recommend!

・Pay some extra for shoes and socks. All in all, they do last much longer than cheap stuff! Bringing trekking poles is advisable to reduce the risk of injury!

That’s all she wrote this time. Stay safe in the mountains and have fun everyone! Ciao!




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