【カンチャナブリの美味しいレストラン! / Delicious restaurants in Kanchanaburi!】


今回は、先月のタイ旅行の際に訪れたカンチャナブリで発見しました、美味しい屋台&レストランをご紹介したいと思います!今回の旅でも、Google Mapをフル活用しまして、美味しいローカルレストランを発見して来ました。

過去記事にGoogle Mapを活用して、美味しいレストランを見つける方法を投稿していますので、未読の方は是非ご一読下さい!


Hi there, it’s Taka(@Taka_TJ1980) here!

This time, I’m going to write about the delicious restaurants in Kancanaburi! I visited there last month, and I found the delicious local restaurants by using Google Map again.

If you haven’t read my previous post, “How to find good restaurants on Google map?”  please give it a try! It works pretty well.


【Google Map活用術】どうやって美味しいレストランを探すのか? / How to find good restaurants on Google map?


超オススメの朝食屋台! / Highly recommended food stall for brekky!







Let’s start with where to eat delicious breakfast! As you can see on the map above, the downtown area of Kancahaburi is marked by the pink line. There are many hostels, bars, and restaurants on the street.

However, I couldn’t find a place to eat breakfast in early morning… I usually get up early (around 6 ish), and I’m a big eater even in the morning!

Thus, I checked where the market was on Google Map, and started walking around.






No sooner I started walking, there was a huge well-maintained cemetery, and I found a food stall by the road!

I planed to eat something at the market, but this food stall looked pretty good, so I decided to eat here.






They have Joke(thick creamy rice porridge), Kaotom(rice soup), and noodles. These are all my favorites, and the prices are very reasonable!

Thankfully enough, they have pictures on the menu, and the guy who cooks here can speak English. No hassle to order! Sweet as.






I ordered my favorite one, Joke with pork intestines and egg.

The rice was very thick and creamy indeed, and the pork wasn’t stinky at all! The egg was cooked just right as well. I really like this menu, and eat it very often when I travel in Thailand. I can say that this restaurant is one of the best!






The next day, I had Kaotom with pork balls. In many restaurants in Thailand, they use a lot of MSG, but this Kaotom was OK. I like the restaurants that don’t use too much MSG. 


絶品お粥屋台の場所 / The location of this delicious food stall




Google Mapの情報では朝6時半から営業となっており、お昼は一度店じまいする様ですが、また夕方からオープンする様です。



This food stall is located almost halfway between the downtown area and the bus terminal.

According to Google Map, they open from 6:30 in the morning, and close during the lunch time, and then reopen for dinner time.

I highly recommend to visit here, before you go to Erawan waterfall, Hindat hotspring by bus!



絶品ローカル居酒屋! / Delicious local restaurant for drinking! 





Let me introduce the another restaurant for drinking time! Before visiting Kanchanaburi, I planed to visit 2 restaurants by using Google map.

On my first night, I visited the one, and it was ok. However, the restaurant is located in the downtown, so it was pretty packed with people. Moreover, the taste was just ok, and the price was a bit high. So I won’t introduce that restaurant.






This is the restaurant which I can recommend!

You need to walk about 1 km from the downtown area, so this place is rather quiet.





As the restaurant is a bit far from the centre, the price gets reasonable. Kanchanaburi is the popular destination, so they do have English menu. 








They have regular Esan foods, and what I ordered were all delicious indeed! The crispy deep fried fish papaya salad went really well with beer.

The owner lady cooked very neatly, in few minutes time my dishes were served. There were kids helping the restaurant, and they were also very hard workers! Very good service.


絶品居酒屋の場所 / The location of this delicious local restaurant




日曜と月曜の夜に連続で訪れましたが、両日とも人は少なめでオーダーしてから直ぐに料理は提供されました。Google Mapのレビューも全てタイ人の方のレビューで、評価も高め。旅先で美味しいレストランを探す際は、なるべく現地の方の評価が高い場所を選びましょう!



This restaurant is located about 1km from the downtown area. It takes about 10 mins.

I visited here on Sunday and Monday evening, and there weren’t many people on both days. The reviews of Google Map are rather good, and all reviews are written by Thai people. Better trust the locals reviews, not the tourists! 



まとめ… / In nuts shell…






・旅先で美味しいレストランを探すなら、Google Mapを賢く活用しましょう!




This time I’ve introduce the delicious food stall, that is absolutely suitable for brekky, and the delicious local restaurant for drinking!


・It’s pretty difficult to find a place to eat for breakfast in the downtown of Kanchanaburi. Please do enjoy the delicious rice porridge at this food stall!

This local restaurant is highly recommended for drinking! There is no tourists, and you can enjoy the true local atmosphere!

・If you wanna find a delicious restaurant while traveling, use Google Map wisely!


That’s it for this time! I’m planning to write about the delicious restaurants in Huahin next time. See ya very soon!


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