【バンコク近郊自然満喫プラン!/ Fully enjoy Thailand’s nature near Bangkok!】カンチャナブリからホアヒンの行き方! / How to go to Huahin from Kanchanaburi?


さて、今回は前回の記事で宣言した通り、 カンチャナブリからホアヒンまでの行き方 ををご紹介したいと思います!



Good day guys, it’s Taka(@Taka_TJ1980) here!

As I said on my previous post, I would like to talk about  How to go to Huahin from Kanchanaburi  this time!

Both Kanchanaburi and Huahin are rather close from Bangkok, and they are pretty popular amongst tourists. Kanchanaburi has lots of nature, such as waterfalls and hot-springs, and Huahin is famous for the beach! If you want to escape from hectic Bangkok, these places are just for you!






Erawan waterfall is the biggest attraction in Kanchanburi. During the daytime, it’s pretty hot there, so just jump into the waterfall, it really cools your body down! Sweet!





If you want to recover your tired body, I highly recommend “Hindat hot-spring”! There is the river running beside the hot-spring, so you can cool down your body as well. Man, the nature really does heal you for sure!





Huahin’s town itself is rather quiet, compare to the other beach resorts. Moreover, there are wide range of restaurants in the town, and the price is reasonable! 







You can see a very beautiful sunrise on the beach in Huahin! When I stayed there, I went to the beach every morning, and took pictures.

If you go to Thailand for a week, I highly recommend to visit these 2 places, and stay there for 2~3nights respectively.


電車?バス?やっぱりミニバンだった! / Train? or Bus? Nope, minivan again!





Before flying to Thailand, I did search about “How to go to Huahin from Kanchanaburi” on the net, but I couldn’t find useful tips…

Some website says, “You need to change buses at Ratchaburi” or some says “I chartered a taxi”. I’m sure there must be a more convenient way to get there!






I decided to gather information in Kanchanaburi, so when I arrived in the bus terminal, I was walking around there…

My gosh, I found that there is a minivan service from Kanchanaburi to Huahin! As I wrote on the previous post,  there is a minivan called, “Rottu” in Thailand, and it is a very useful transportation! 




The fee to Huahin is 220THB, and takes roughly 4 hours. I had a big travel bag with me at that time, so I was a bit worried about if would be charged for one more seat. It was an unworried thing, I was just charged for one seat! (In some cases, you might have to pay for extra seat.)



まとめ… / In nuts shell…










On this post, I’ve been introducing how to go to Huahin from Kanchanaburi.


There is a minivan service, called Rottu from Kanchanaburi to Huahin!

・The fee is 220THB, and it takes about 4 hours!

・FYI, there are minivans to Suwannaphumi & Don Muang airports from the minivan terminal in Huahin!


That’s it for this time! Bangkok is an absolutely amazing city to stay, but the Thai country side cities are very laidback. Please do use minivans in Thailand, and enjoy your stay! See ya very soon!


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