【タイ語学留学】チェンマイ大学でタイ語を学ぶ! / Speak Thai in 15days at Chiang mai university!




今回は、5月にチェンマイ大学で参加していた「Speak Thai in 15 days」について、お伝えして行こうかと思います。タイはリタイア後の移住先&ノマドの滞在先としてかなり人気がある国ですので、これから移住を考えている方の参考になれば幸いです!


Hi there, it’s Taka (@Taka_TJ1980) here!

I was back to Japan at the end of May, and I had been a bit busy. Gosh, I wanted to write a blog tho!


This time, I’m going to write about learn Thai language at Chiang mai university(CMU). I was participating  in “Speak Thai in 15 days” in May. Thailand is a very popular country for digital nomads and for those who already retired. I would be glad that if this post helps you to choose a language school!



チェンマイ大学語学学校の場所&雰囲気 / The location & atmosphere of Language institute CMU




語学学校の建物は、ニマンヘミンからも近く、またRoyal Project Shopがある農学部の建物からも近いです。


CMU is huge! You need a motorbike or bicycle to move around. The language institute is pretty close from Niman area, and the agricultural department, where Royal Project Shop is located.







There are plenty of spaces for parking, so no hassle for parking your motorbike or car. There are restaurants and cafe, so it’s pretty busy during lunch time. During a break time and after school, some students are studying here. Pretty good space!





You can see Chiang mai’s symbol “Doi Suthep” from the school. There is nothing covers the sky, so you can see the changes of weather. It was easy to predict before rain started! 






The building itself is pretty old, but cleanness is kept in a good standard. Of course, there is AC in each room, but it might be too cold so better bring a jacket!

The desks and PCs are not really in good conditions tho…


授業の進め方は? / How the class is conducted?






First of all, the class is conducted by English. That’s why if you don’t understand English, it’s gonna be pretty tough. I’m sure most of you guys speak English, so no worries. The teacher speaks decent English.

There were some students, who don’t speak English well, and they had some difficulties.



「Speak Thai in 15days」と言うクラスの名の通り、15日間でタイ語をある程度喋る事が出来る様にフォーカスした、集中講義です。タイ語には5つの音階があり、音階を間違うと全く違う意味になってしまうのがタイ語の1番難しいところです…




The class is named “Speak Thai in 15days”, so it really focuses on speaking. As you might know, there are 5 tones in Thai language, and if you pronounce incorrectly, the meaning is totally different. It makes Thai language really difficult…

I’ve been to Thailand for over 15 years. I already knew some words, and I thought that I was able to communicate somehow…But, it wasn’t! Having attended this class, I realised that my pronunciation was rubbish!

In this class, you are going to learn how to pronounce the tones, vowels and diphthongs correctly. I mean really intensely! During the lessons, if you pronounce incorrectly, the teacher points your mistakes and practice over and over again. If you are an English speaker, speaking Thai might be a bit challenging. Anyway, the correct pronunciation is vital when you speak Thai.










The class is 3 hours a day, and proceeded by using a textbook. There is also an e-learning program, which can be used from your PC to enhance your listening skill. 

You will get homework everyday, but it’s pretty much revising the lesson. Thus, your understanding will be improving dramatically.

The class was very laidback indeed, and the teacher was very friendly and full of sense of humor. Yet, she is very professional, so you can ask anything you can’t understand.

She didn’t push too much on us, as her philosophy about learning Thai is “Take it easy!”.  Actually, when I was in New Zealand to study English, I was studying very hard… then what happened to me was, many vocabs spinning in my brain. Consequently, my motivation was dropping…

That’s why, the 3-hours lesson is a reasonable length to study Thai, and I really felt my Thai was improving a lot! 


2019年の授業開催日程 &料金/ The dates of the program in 2019 & Fee








Please refer to the dates of 2019 on the pic. (Here you can jump to the website of CMU) The class is Mon-Fri, starts from 1PM to 4PM. The break time is roughly 15mins.

FYI, there are many national holidays in Thailand, and if a class is off due to holidays, you will have a lesson on Saturday or Sunday.

The fee is 6,000 THB including a textbook.  You need to pay the fee in advance, directly go to CMU office or bank transfer. If you have a Thai friend, it’s a good idea to ask them! I did it so.






This is the dates of 1 year program. Please refer to the details on CMU website.

There were some students, who were participating in a 1 year program, but they said classes were only 6 hours per week… so they didn’t feel their Thai was improving. Well, you can buy a 1 year ED visa for 35,00THB is a good deal, but 6 hours per week lesson isn’t enough…


総評… / Overall…


さて、今回はチェンマイ大学主催の「Speak Thai in 15 days」に参加してみた感想をお届けいたしました。










On this post, I’ve been writing the review of  “Speak Thai in 15 days” organised by CMU.

All in all, I did study a lot, especially about the tones, which are essential when you speak Thai. Moreover, I really felt that my speaking did improve a lot, so if you are


・Planning to move to Thailand.

・A digital nomad who wants to stay in Thailand for a long period.

・interested in Thai language, but don’t know where is a good school.


learning at CMU is for you! Chiang mai is a really easy to live in, and pretty safe city. Moreover, the cost of living is cheaper than Bangkok, so if you visit Thailand for the first time, Chiang mai is very suitable!

If you want to know about the class, please drop me a comment on this blog or twitter. I’ll try to answer as much as I can.

That’s it for this time, see you very soon guys!


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