【世界温泉紀行:タイ・メーチェム テープパノム温泉 ホテル&レストラン編 / Hot spring in the world:Thailand・Mae chem Thepphanom hot spring Hotel&Restaurant】





Hi there, it’s Taka (@Taka_TJ1980) here!

On this post, I would like to introduce accommodation in Mae chem, and a great restaurant too!

To begin from the conclusion, the hotel we stayed was just ok… but a restaurant near the hotel was very delicious, and they have English menus! It was an absolutely pleasant place to have meals.


【世界温泉紀行:タイ・メーチェム テープパノム温泉編 / Hot spring in the world:Thailand・Mae chem Thepphanom hot spring】

Navasoung Resort



今回宿泊しました、メーチェムのホテルNavasoung Resortですが、かなり大きな敷地に沢山のバンガローがあり、山が見渡せる中々のロケーションでした。



This time, we stayed at Navasoung Resort in Mae chem. The premises is rather big, and there are numbers of bungalows, and you can look out the mountains. The location was good.

However, the place looked pretty old (that’s OK tho), but it wasn’t clean and not well maintained…




しかし、いざプールに入ろうとしたんですが、全く掃除がされていなかったようで、 水面には無数のゴミ・落ち葉・そして虫の死骸が浮かんでいました… 



The reason why we stayed at the hotel was this swimming pool. We planed to go to the hot spring, otherwise we had no plan. I wanted to relax at the pool as drinking beer…

But, it looked like the pool hadn’t been cleaned for a long time, there were  thousands of dead insects, fallen leaves, and some rubbish on the surface… 

I was cleaning by using a net for an hour, but still the pool wasn’t clean enough to swim. Mind you, I could swim in a dam in the Czech republic, and in a swimming pool in Cambodia, yet I couldn’t jump into this swimming pool…





The room was clean, but the bathroom was very dark even the light was on. To make matters worse, there were many big ants coming out from the toilet water tank.

When we checked out, the owner (Farang) told us that, his Thai wife passed away few years ago, and since then he and his son were living together. However, they didn’t want to live there anymore and wanted to sell the property. I see, that’s why the hotel wasn’t maintained well…






The only good thing was this cute dog! You’ll get breakfast (American breakfast or Pancake), but it was just ok…


Navasoung Resortの場所 / The location of Navasoung Resort





The hotel is a bit far from Mae Chem market and 7-11, but very quiet location. Hotels in Mae Chem are very limited, so it was tough to find a good one…


【このホテルの予約は下記からも出来ます! / You can book this hotel from the link below!】

Book this hotel on Agoda    Book this hotel on Hotels.com



メーチェムの絶品レストラン! / Delicious restaurant in Mae Chem!



さて、ホテルはちょっとガッカリのメーチェムでしたが、その代わりホテル近くにとても美味しく、居心地が良いレストランを発見致しました。その名も「Mae Chaem Gate」。こちらのレストランは、西洋人(恐らくフランス人)の旦那さんとタイ人の奥さんが切り盛りされていました。


Well, the hotel was a bit disappointing, but we found a delicious and very cozy restaurant near the hotel! The name is “Mae Chem Gate”. This restaurant is run by Farang (maybe French?) and Thai wife.





We had a dinner in a very well maintained garden. It was super hot during the day, but there were many trees in the garden, so it was very comfortable to stay there.




メニューは嬉しい 英語表記あり !いや〜まさかこんな僻地で英語メニューがあるレストランに出会えるとは…w



 They have English menus ! It was a big bonus for me to have an English menu in such a remote place…

They sure have Thai foods, but also have pastas, steaks, and sandwiches too. 





MY recent big hit, century egg salad, mixed with tomatoes, onions, and coriander. I really love the sticky texture of century eggs! 





The fired rice was very well cooked indeed. Each rice wasn’t stuck together. The lady is a really good cook, everything tasted just right. I mean, the taste was very well balanced and gentle. I reckon that the husband is pretty picky about food like I am…





The following night, we visited here again. On the night, we had deep fried century eggs with crispy holy basils and pork. I often have this dish in a Taiwanese restaurant in Chiang mai. This restaurant served the minced port separately. 





This is an egg salad. We had tuna sandwiches before coming back to Chiang mai, but the mayonnaise was rather sweet, so it wasn’t for me… Anyway the every portion was decent.





My recommendation in this restaurant is sweets! They offer homemade yogurt, and mango or strawberry sorbet. Man, I totally didn’t expect to have such sophisticated menus in Mae chem…


Mae Chaem Gate の場所 / The map of Mae Chaem Gate





It takes about 5 mins from the hotel. They are open from 9 AM.


まとめ… / In nuts shell…




・メーチェムのホテル、Navasoung Resortは清潔感に欠けますが、ロケーションは良し!

・メーチェムの美味しいレストランは、Mae Chaem Gate一択




On this post, I’ve been introducing the hotel and delicious restaurant in Mae Chaem. 


Navasoung Resort needs to be much cleaner, but the location is pretty good!

Mae Chaem Gate is the best restaurant in Mae Chaem, gotta try there!


That’s it for this time. I’m heading to Ayuttaya tomorrow! See ya very soon guys!


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