【悲報】Mobikeチェンマイから撤退のお知らせ… Mobike has left from Chiang mai…





Hi there, it’s Taka (@Taka_TJ1980) here!

Well, as you read the title already, the sharing bicycle service Mobike has finished their service in Chiang mai…

Many tourists and long stayers (including me!) have used Mobike quite heavily, and it was pretty convenient service, so it’s a very sad news.


【チェンマイ観光はMobikeで! / Sightseeing with Mobike in Chiang mai!】


2週間前までは普通に使えていた… / I used Mobike 2 weeks ago..




I went back to Japan for 2 weeks, as it was Golden week (long holiday during at the end of April to the beginning of May).  I did use Mobike on the 17th April, and it was my last ride.







I was back to Chiang mai on the 5th of May. I wanted to get a ride on Mobike, but there was no Mobike around my guest house…

I aksed the manager of my guest house, please call to Mobike to bring some bicycles. However she answered, ” I called to Mobike many times, but no one took a phone. Moreover, few days ago, the staff of Mobike collected all the bicycles without any explanation. I think they went belly up!?” 

When I took a Songteau from the train station to the guest house, I saw few Mobikes on the street, so I couldn’t believe what the manager said. Thus, I called to the office of Mobike.



衝撃の答え… / Surprising answer…






On that day was Sunday, but luckily a lady took a phone. I asked her to bring some Mobikes to my guest house, and she replied

“Unfortunately Mobike has finished the service in Chiang mai. If you want to get refund, please email us, thank you!”

That all she said… I understand that they finished service, but they should have announced it ! They do have a twitter account too…


返金手続きは超簡単! / Get refund is super easy!






The procedure for refund is very easy, as the lady said you need to send an email.

Just in case, you should send an email from the registered email. I don’t know how to calculate, but I have 56 days remaining, so I can get 94THB.


まとめ… / In nuts shell…










On this post, I’ve shared the fact that Mobike has finished their service from Chiang mai…

Mobike was pretty convenient service, so I’m pretty sad this fact. I do hope another sharing cycling service comes to Chiang mai near the future


Mobike has finished their service in Chiang mai!

To get refund, all you have to do is sending an email!  It’s very easy, so don’t forget to get money back!


That’s it for this time! I’m going to attend Thai language course at Chiang mai University from today. I’m going to get there by a newly rented bicycle. See ya very soon guys!


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