【3月度のソーシャルレンディング収支レポート! / Profits of P2P lending in March!】




Hi guys! It’s Taka here. I’ve been staying Chiang mai, the city has the worst air quality in the world…

During the day is brutally hot, but in the morning and evening is very comfortable indeed! Thus, I stay in my room during the daytime, and go out early in the morning or evening. 


3月度のソーシャルレンディングの収支レポート / P2P lending profits report of March



しかしながら、その手軽さと高配当が売りのこのサービスに、僕は現在6社に約300万円近い資金を投資しています。その内4社は最大手マネオとそのグループ会社で、残りはレンデックスクラウドバンク です。


The Japanese p2p lending industry has been gloomy, as the biggest service, Maneo and its group companies have had delays and some issues…

I’ve invested roughly 3 million JPY in 6 different companies, 4 of them are Maneo group, and the rest are LENDEX, and Crowd Bank.


会社名 / Company 投資資金 / Investment capital 今月度収支 / Profit this month
マネオ / Maneo ¥500,000 ¥3952
クラウドリース / Crowd Lease ¥1,115,000 ¥920
アメリカンファンディング / American funding ¥100,000 ¥152
グリーンインフラ / Green Infra lending ¥1,111,000 ¥0
レンデックス / LENDEX ¥100,000 ¥550
クラウドバンク / Crowd Bank ¥300,000 ¥1434

 合計/ Total: ¥7008 


*The profit is after tax.


・マネオ / Maneo





There have been many delays and issues for Maneo, and its group companies. I’m pretty skeptical about them, but my money in Maneo is safe so far…

Maneo has offered many high yield, and short funds at the moment. I’m sure they try hard to get the reputation back. I’m planning to keep investing them, but I won’t increase the capital… 


・クラウドリース / Crowd Lease







Crowd Lease announced the many delays at the beginning of this year. In case, you haven’t read the article, please check this post.

I could get more returns from them, but due to the major delays my profit this month was rather small. I kept earning $70~$80 monthly in last year tho! Oh well…

BTW, they keep me updated what’s going on about the delays. That’s a good point compare to Green Infra, but I’m still worried about my money. We’ll see what’s gonna happen, stay tuned!


・アメリカンファンディング / American Funding 






I invested the fund, which due was this August, but the project finished earlier than expected. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I need to select a new fund again.

I picked the fund, which has 10% yield, and 9 months period ! I won’t invest more money on this service, but keep observing it.


・グリーンインフラレンディング / Green Infra Lending


*Previous post about Green Infra Lending.

グリーンインフラレンディング終了のお知らせ… Green Infra Lending is OVER…





As you can see, there is no return! Hahaha.

Maneo and this company were sued few days ago… I got an email about how they return our money at the end of last mont. It said the details would be announced on the 15th Mar (tomorrow!). I wonder how much money I can get… excited!







・レンデックス / LENDEX








Lendex hasn’t announced new funds, and been pretty quiet… but as you can see, I get a monthly dividend.

In my opinion, investing money on real estate is kinda boring, but diversified investment is important aye? I’ll keep using Lendex, as it’s free to withdraw money, cool!


・クラウドバンク / Crowd Bank



さて、最後は個人的に一押しのクラウドバンク !太陽光や風力発電と言った再生可能エネルギー案件のファンドが多く、また担保&保証が両方あるファンドもあるのが非常に好印象のクラウドバンク。






Last but not least, my favorite company, Crowd Bank ! They offer many renewable energy funds, and some of the funds have both a mortgage, and security. I want to invest my money in something makes our life good. 

Crowd bank offers free money withdrawal too! Crowd Bank is a pretty good service to me, so I’m going to increase the capital this year. I highly recommend this company for P2P lending beginners!


まとめ… / In nuts shell….






・僕個人的に一押しは、クラウドバンク !再生可能エネルギー案件が多く、担保&保証両方ありのファンドもあります!





This time, I show my monthly report of p2p lending. It’s been gloomy since last year. But I hope the new laws will be set for p2p lending, and then the industry will become more transparent and better.

P2P lending is very easy, and you do pretty much nothing! That’s why I recommend it for any ages!


・Watch out for Maneo and its group!

・I personally recommend Crowd Bank ! Many renewable energy funds, and some of them have a mortgage, and security!

・Invest your own risk, and don’t forget diversified investment…

That’s all she wrote this time! I’m happy to hear about other countries p2p lending situation. Please leave me a comment guys!




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