バンコクお勧めのエリア「スティサーン」/ Recommended area in Bangkok “Sutthisan”


1度行くとまた行きたくなってしまう、とても中毒性の高い国タイ。僕を旅中毒(Travel Junkie)にしてくれたのは、何を隠そうこのタイなんです!僕の初めての海外旅行はタイで、もうタイとは15年以上の長いお付き合いになりました。


Sawasdee krup, Taka is here! This time, I’m going to write about many people’s favorite destination, Thailand. There are beautiful mountains, beaches, delicious food, and kind people…

If you go to Thailand once, you might want to go back again. Thailand is highly addictive, and this country has made me a Travel-Junkie! My first overseas trip was Thailand. Since then, I’ve been visiting there over 15years.






As everyone knows, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, and it has 2 international airports. BTW, where do you stay in Bangkok? What? Still stay in Khaosan road?

To be honest, when I started traveling 15years ago, I used to stay there. But, the access to Kaosan road is just inconvenient… Around 2000, BTS and MRT were launched, but Khaosan road has been still ignored.

Furthermore, the price has been increasing, noisy, and the restaurants for tourists aren’t delicious. Thus, there is no point to stay there!




I’ve been to Thailand over 50 times, and been staying in Sutthisaan area for nearly a decade. So, I’ll introduce my favorite hotels, and restaurant this time!


スティサーンって何処だべ?  Where on earth is Sutthisaan?





As you can see on the map, it’s a pretty easy access from Suvarnabhumi airport, by using Airport link, and MRT. Of course, you won’t get stuck in the notoriously famous traffic jam.

Get off at Kakkasan station, and walk to the connected MRT station, Phetchaburi station. You need to change the lines only once, and then you’ll reach to MRT station. Easy as!



BTSのMochit駅とMRTのChatuchak Park駅は目と鼻の距離。バスを降りたらMRTのChatuchak Park駅までちょこっと歩いて、Sutthisaan駅までMRTに乗りましょう。バスに乗るので、初めて行く方はドキドキするかと思いますが、超簡単です!先述のスワンナプーム空港からより、短い時間で行けちゃいます!


BTW, if you arrive in Dong Mueang Airport by using LCC, take an Airport shuttle bus A1, which is heading to BTS Mochit station.

BTS Mochit and MRT Chatuchak Park station is just a few meters away. When you get off a bus, just take a little walk to MRT Chatuchak Park station. Sutthisaan staion is just few stops. If you go to Thailand first time, you might get nervous to take a bus, but it’s just simple. Actually, it’s much shorter way from Suvarnabhumi airport.


お勧めの定宿2選! My recommended 2 regular hotels!


・SPB Paradise Hotel

(写真クリックすると、Hotel’s.comの予約ページに飛びますよ。Click the pic, then jump to Hotel’s.com booking page.)

まず一つ目は、ホテルSPB Paradise Hotel です。MRTの駅からも徒歩7〜8分で着くので、アクセスもバッチリ。バンコクの中心地スクンビットまでもMRTで直ぐですし、ウィークエンドマーケットが行われるチャトゥチャックパークの駅までもほんの数駅で行けちゃいますよ!


Firstly, I’ll introduce SPB Paradise Hotel. It just takes 7~8mins walk from MRT station. You can go to the city centre Sukhumvit, and Weekend market easily by using MRT.


・客室はどんな感じ? / How does a room look like?




先ほどはHotel’s.com のリンクを貼ってますが、もちろんAgoda でも取り扱いあります。


This is the pic of standard room. There are a double size bed, LED TV, sofa, and fridge. There are pretty much everything what you need in a room. What I really like this hotel is, there is a balcony! You can hang your laundry here. I do love balconies! The room sets you back around 20$.

If you stay in a room with AC in Khaosan road, you need to pay around 15$. A room is bloody small, and you can’t expect a balcony.

I put Hotel’s.com link, but Agoda also has this hotel on their list. I used to often use Agoda. 


・筋トレマニア必須のジムは? /  How about the gym?





I do like weight-training, and it’s a big bonus that this hotel has the gym. My muscles are happy! Hahaha

The equipment is limited, but you can train your major muscles by using the dumbbells. FYI, there is no AC in this room, so you need to open up the window. That means there are many mosquitoes!


・スティサーン駅からの行き方 /  How to go from Sutthisaan station

MRTの駅に着いたら 3番出口 に出ましょう。この地図では駅を降りてから一度、大通りに出ていますが、その必要は無く、フリーマーケットと書かれている場所を突っ切って行くことが出来ます。



When you get to the station, get off  Exit 3 . The map indicates that you walk on the big street, but actually you can walk across the market.

This market is busy from morning to evening. There are few big companies in this area, so it’s a business district. There are many local restaurants and shopping stalls. You’ll never be worried about what to eat!


・お勧め度  Overall rating ⭐️⭐️



This hotel is reasonable, a spacious room ,and there is enough equipment. The cost-performance is good, but this facility has been getting old, and needed some maintenance… Some staff members are pretty blunt.


・Diamond Residence Ratchada


さて、お次に紹介するのは先ほどご紹介したSPBのお隣にあるDiamond Residence Ratchada です。造りはSPBと変わりはほとんどありません。どちらのホテルも、サービスアパートメントがメインで、日貸しもやってるよと言うスタンスですね。



Next, I’ll introduce Diamond Residence Ratchada, and this hotel is next to SPB hotel. There isn’t much difference, and actually both hotels are served-apartment.

Sure Agoda lists this hotel too. The price may vary depends on the season. If you can’t be bothered to check both hotels, Trivago is the option for you! Gosh, thanks to the Internet, traveling has become so easy…





I’ve been using booking sites for ages. However, prices are different for the same hotel, so like this website is really useful!


・客室はどんな感じ? / How does a room look like?





The room is pretty much the same like SPB. I did stay in this hotel this Feb, and I noticed that there had been small renovations in the room. I stayed this hotel few years ago, and I felt a room as bit dark, and furniture was damaged.

Rooms have the basic things, and surely balconies are attached!


・筋トレマニア必須のジムは? / How about the gym?




This gym has a bench! and AC is equipped! Such a big bonus aye? Thanks to the bench, you can train more varieties.


・お勧め度  Overall rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️



そうじゃないと、バルコニーに出ると目の前にお隣のホテル…なんで、このリクエストはお忘れなく!「Please put me in a room that doesn’t face to the next hotel, thanks.」なんて入れておけば宜しいかと。もちろん対応してくれない時もあるかと思いますが、一応リクエストしましょう。


The price is a bit higher than SPB, but it’s just few bucks. I recently prefer this hotel, as a room is bit cleaner, and the gym is good. Moreover, the staff is friendly and prompt.

There is a small tip for you. Both hotels face each other, so when you make a reservation, just request that put you in a room that doesn’t face to the next hotel. Otherwise, you’ll see someone from your balcony.


スティサーンエリアのお勧め飲み屋!  My recommended restaurant!


以前投稿しました、「失業保険を貰いながら旅しよう!」の回でもチョロっとご紹介しましたCountry Isaanです!ここは先ほどご紹介したホテルから、歩いて行く事が出来るので、僕のメインダイニングになっていますw



OK, I’m gonna introduce a great restaurant in Sutthisaan district.

I posted “Let’s travel while you are on unemployment benefits!” the other day, and I mentioned this restaurant, Country Isaan. It’s a walking distance from the hotels, so it’s my main dining during my stay in BKK.

BTW,” Isaan” means the North Eastern part of Thailand, and this area is famous for rice, and the great foods for drinking! The famous Somtum(Papaya salad), Gai yaan(Grilled chicken), and Khao nyao(Sticky rice) come from Isaan.





Here, let’s see this menu, Gaeng Om. There were pork intestines, some eggs, many veges, and spices. Ingredients vary from restaurants.

This is a very well nicely mixed, and harmonised taste of spiciness, sourness, and herbs… Yuuum! You might wanna eat this soup at the end of meal.





Here comes one of my most favorite dishes in Thailand. That’s Kor Moo yang, grilled pork neck meat! There were many fat parts, but the meat was really fresh, so I didn’t get any heartburn at all.

This dish really goes well with beer, so I order it everywhere I go! Hahaha. If you walk around the market near Suthhisaan station, there are some restaurants which grill this meat. This one goes well with sticky rice as well!




The port meat is only 70B. This area is rather cheaper than the central area, and that’s why I always stay here. This restaurant is very reasonable indeed, and each portion is big, so better go with your friends!


・どうやって行くの? / How to get there?




It’s just a 10-min walk, so pretty convenient. You need to cross the big road, but there is a bridge, so no hustle! This big load is heavily packed all the time, but in the midnight is OK. Thus, If you miss the last MRT, just take a taxi.

Both hotels offer free shuttle service from hotels to near the station(vice versa), so if you don’t wanna walk, use the service!


まとめ…  In a nuts shell…





・宿泊費も安く抑えられるし、Contry Isaanのコスパは神!



I wanna introduce heavenly delicious fried rice with crab, and a good massage in this area, but I’m gonna post about them near the future!

・Sutthisaan is conveniently located from the airports, and easy access to the centre!

・There are big companies around there, so the market is lively from the morning till evening. You won’t be worried about what to eat!

・The hotels are reasonable, and so is Country Isaan. Love that restaurant!

That’s all she worte this time. Have a nice weekend folks!


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