谷川連峰縦走 二泊三日 ~Part 3~ Walk through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days ~Part 3~

毎度〜タカです!さて、今回は谷川連峰縦走・二泊三日シリーズ完結編のPart 3です!まだまだ登山シーズンは続きますので、今後谷川岳周辺を歩かれる方の参考になれば幸いです。


Konniciwa, it’s Taka! Here comes the Part 3 of  “Walk through Tanigawa Mountain Range” series! The trekking season will be going, so if you visit around Mt. Tanigawa, please read these posts.




We fell asleep quite early the night before, and we had a sound sleep till the morning. We didn’t feel that we were exhausted, but our bodies were pretty tired…




I got out from the tent around 6AM, at that time the sun was emerging from a sea of clouds! As you can see, the peak of “Ebisu Daikoku-no Kashira” was clearly seen in front of our tent. How beautiful it was… The early bird catches the worm aye?




Mt.Sennokura was lit up by the sun. We were going to climb up this steep hill… It was going to be hard from the morning! hahaha.





I was watching this amazing view in a complete silence… How gorgeous it was! On this morning, the weather was rather good in Gunma side, and I could see the mountains. Oh boy… in few hours, we were going back to the civilization…



さてと、友人も起床した事ですし腹ごしらえをしましょうかね。腹が減っては戦は出来ぬ!最終日の朝は、最後まで取って置いたこちらの、エースコックの「THE 和」。Amazonのレビューを見ると、「わさびでむせる!」との酷評の嵐ですw



My friend finally woke up, so let’s have brekky. You can’t walk on an empty stomach! I had this instant Soba noodle for the last brekky. The reviews of Amazon scorch this noodle, as its Wasabi taste is bloody strong! hahaha

However, my friend and I both liked this noodle. Surely, if you aren’t good at Wasabi taste, nor something spicy, I do NOT recommend it…




I’ve put the link of the noodle… I think the quality of this noodle is rather good! If you dare to try this noodle, please go for it! If you don’t put all the Wasabi powder, it should be ok.






Let’s climb up to Mt. Sennokura! As I mentioned before, we were going up to the steep hill from early morning. As we climbed up, the weather changed dramatically, and the dense fog covered around us. The weather had been like this almost all our trekking. Well, it was much better than scorching hot summer days tho.





We were in a dense fog, but the fog was suddenly gone… It’s really difficult to predict the weather of mountains. The weather forecast said that it was going to rain in few hours.





When I look back, I could see the beautiful ridge, half covered by the clouds and Ebisu Daikoku-no Kashira… Man, I couldn’t believe I was in Japan! I want to tell you again, the picture can’t describe how beautiful it was!






It took almost an hour from the shelter to the top of Mt. Sennokura! Hum, the top was covered by dense fog again, so we couldn’t see pretty much anything… All in all, we couldn’t see anything from the peaks this time. I’ve got to visit there again!

By the way, Mt. Sennokura was the highest one during our trekking. It is the only 2000m-high class mountain.






When we were taking a break, again the fog was gone and we could see the route, which we were going to ahead! Lucky us.

From here to Mt. Tairappyou, the route is well maintained and there are wooden footpaths. Moreover, you can make Mt. Tairappyou and Mt. Sennokura in one day from Naeba, so we met other trekkers around here.





From here on, we were walking on an easy ridge. We had already finished the hardest part in the morning, so we felt like we were in heaven! I wanted to take an Onsen and drink cold beer, but on the other hand, I wanted to keep walking…





Between Mt.Sennokura and Mt. Tairappyou, this is the famous spot for the beautiful flowers. It must be very beautiful in Spring. Gosh, I felt so great walking around here!





There were gentle ups and downs around here. The route is very well maintained, so I felt like skipping!






It was a very easy walk from Mt. Sennokura to the top of Mt.Tairappyou. Well, it was again very cloudy tho.

The weather looked getting worse and it was going to rain very shortly. We were heading to “Tairappyou no Ie” (A lodge). We were looking forward to drinking Coke…




As we descended, the weather was getting worse and it started raining in the end… The lodge should have been very close! Gotta hurry up.






The rain got pretty strong when we arrived at the lodge, how lucky we were! According to the weather forecast, it was a shower so we had snacks and awaited cold coke! I do NOT drink coke at all, but during trekking is an exception.

FYI, there is a water spot outside of the lodge and you can refill your bottle for free. The water tasted bloody good!





The rain got weaker so we left the lodge. We were going down on “Sankaku-yama Tozandou” via Mt. Sankaku, and then headed to “Asagai” town. Our trekking was almost done, onsen and cold beer were waiting for me!





Compare to the trekking route which we were walking before, the route to Mt. Sankaku was in a bush. We met a couple at the top, and they said it was raining hard when they were walking up to the top. I was wondering the weather of lower place…






It seemed like very few people visit “Sankaku-yama Tozandou” so the route was pretty wild! Actually, we didn’t meet anyone on the route.

If you want to avoid meeting people, this route is for you. If the weather is good, you can expect great views.





We kept descending and reached to this huge steel tower. I realised that we almost came back to the reality.





We passed the top of Mt. Kenashi, the middle point of the route. It was nothing special, and just a signpost. Less than an hour, we were back to civilization! It was raining a bit hard, but thanks to being covered by woods, we didn’t get soaked.





We kept going and going, we could hear the sounds of vehicles… Yes, we came back to the human society! At the end of the route, it was pretty steep and very slippery. If you walk on “Sankaku-yama Tozandou” please do be careful!

And finally…






We could finally reached to the town! The goal was like a ski resort.

I felt like it was a blink of time walking on the mountain range for 2 nights 3days… Thanks to my reliable friend, my first overnight trekking in Japan was absolutely memorable! Gosh, it was a life-changing experience…

Well well, let’s go to a very long-awaited onsen!






We arrived at our final goal, “Yukisasa-no Yu“. It took about 10mins from the end of “Sankaku-yama Tozandou”.  The fee is 900 yen for adult, and this onsen is OK for tattoos.

This onsen’s color is dark reddish-brown and it’s pretty unique around this region. Both inside and outside tabs are pretty spacious. Man, it’d been a while to take a bath! I’m really happy to be Japanese as we can take an onsen after trekking. Viva Japan! Hahaha.




After taking the onsen, we were waiting for my friend’s family picking us up, as drinking cold draft beer. They were going camping in Naeba region for the rest of Obon holiday.




We were heading to “Moritaki“, it’s a very famous restaurant in Naeba region! This restaurant is very very popular, so making a reservation is a must. My friend recommended “Udon-suki”. We had been eating instant foods, so I was very looking for it!



おおおっ!店員さんが言ってた様に、確かに盛りが凄いですなw肝心のお味もバッチリで、腹がパンパンになるまで食べましたよ。他に舞茸の天ぷら、刺し盛りなんかを頼みましたが、刺し盛りだけはオススメ出来ません。大事なのでもう一度言いましょう、 刺し盛りは頼んではいけません !鮮度悪い上に、盛り少な過ぎ。

Woow, as a waiter said, the potion was huge! The taste was pretty good and I was completely full… We ordered mushroom tempura and sashimi(raw fish), but  I do NOT recommend sashimi ! It wasn’t fresh and the potion was too small.






On that evening, we were camping at my friend’s secret spot. We could see a meteor shower ! I truly enjoyed this year’s Obon holiday!

OK, let’s wrap up the sequels of “Walk through Tanigawa mountain range 2nights 3days”. Autumn is the best season for trekking in Japan, so I hope you can get some useful info from these posts!

I’m planing to post an article about the gears, which I used during my trip this time. Have a nice weekend mate! Ciao!


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