失業保険貰いながら旅しよう! Let’s travel while you are on unemployment benefits!

初投稿! First post!




しかし、昔にもWordpressでブログをやろうとした時よりも、格段に使いやすくなっていますし、何よりHow to関係の優良なサイトが沢山出現しているので、本当に楽になりましたね!Viva テクノロジー!

Hi there,it’s Taka here!

Finally, I’m writing the first post… Man, it’s my first time to organise a blog by using WordPress. Thus, I’ve been searching a lot, and fighting against the settings for plug-ins.

However, thanks to the very informative websites, it’s getting much easier to start it. Viva technologies!




I’ll write about traveling while you are on unemployment benefits.  I’ve traveled as getting the benefits, and I think it’s pretty cool to travel like this way. Nowadays, there is a word called  ” Black company”  in Japan. It means business that exploits its employees. Like a company forces their employees to work overtime, and doesn’t pay overtime payment.  Quit such a stupid company, and get relaxed at your favorite destination!



 (Beautiful sunrise @Phayao, Thailand)


(Beautiful sunset @ Phayao, Thailand)






I did quit my previous job at the end of 2017, and went to Thailand for 4 weeks.  The pics above were taken in Phayao.The town is located in the northern part of Thailand. There is a big lake in the centre of town, and it’s a very peaceful place indeed!

Everyday, I went to see a sunrise by the lake, and stretched my body there, and then took a walk to a temple.

I like to keep myself fit. What cool about this town is, you can see a sunset by the lake as well! I’m a sunset-hunter, and I instantly fell in love with Phayao!


(Doi Phu Nang National Park @ Thailand)


パヤオ滞在中に、バイクを借りて Doi Phu Nang国立公園 にある、滝へ泳ぎに行ってきました。今まで行った滝の中でもかなり綺麗な滝で、泳ぎやすいサイズでした!



While I was in Phayao, I rented a motorbike, and visited  Doi Phu Nang National park , to swim in a waterfall. The waterfall is absolutely beautiful, and very good size for swimming.

I revisited there with my friend, who came to Thailand later than me. It’s definitely a must-visit place!


失業保険だけで旅代賄えるの?  Do the benefits cover all of your travel expense?






Well, If you live and work in Japan, have you ever applied for the benefits yet? I’m sure many people think it’s too much red tape to get them. When I quit my first job, I didn’t apply for them, I thought it’s a hassle. Moreover, I wanted to get out from the country, and get relaxed ASAP!

You need to go to a Hello-work(a public employment security office) a couple of times at the beginning, yet the process is pretty straightforward. All you need is to fill in some documents and submit them.

Just be patient a bit, then you could get 150,ooo JPY per month for 3months! (Depends how long you work.)  Let’s take our taxes back from the government! Hahaha.








The pic shows my record of the benefits. I got over 160,000 JPY from January to April in 2018. If you travel around South East Asia, you can cover all your expense! For instance…

LCC Air ticket (From Japan to Bangkok) Approx. 30,000 JPY+ 5000/day×25days=155,000 JPY

As you can see, you will be able to have a bit-posh travel in South East Asia!

There is a 4-weeks period between the day you have to go to the office. So, I traveled for 4 weeks. It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to travel that long, if you are belong to a company in Japan. Thus, if you quit your job in Japan, just try to get the benefits!



失業保険を貰いながら旅をすれば、毎晩こんな贅沢な晩酌が出来ちゃいますからね!このレストランは、僕のバンコクでの定宿がある、スティサーンと言う地区にある「Country Isaan」と言うレストランです。値段も手頃で、本格的なタイ東北地方「イサーン」の料理が食べられる、この界隈ではオススメのレストランです!イサーン地方は、酒のツマミに抜群な料理が豊富で、飲兵衛にはたまらない料理が一杯ですよ〜。



If you travel while on the benefits, you can have such a wonderful dinner everyday! This restaurant is called” Country Isaan” located in Sutisaan district in Bangkok.  The price is reasonable, and their authentic Isaan foods(Isaan means Thailand’s north-east region) are divine! I highly recommend this restaurant. Isaan foods really go well with beer, so if you are a beer-lover, this restaurant is for you!

I’ll write about my recommend hotels and restaurants in Sutisaan district. It’s much more comfortable, and convenient than Khaosan road.


失業保険の詳細  The details of unemployment benefits in Japan



Qualified recipients are divided into 2 types.


一般受給資格者: 自己都合 、定年退職などで離職した人達です。一番人数が多いパターンだと言えます。失業保険が支給されるまでは、概ね3ヶ月待つ必要がありますので、ある程度の蓄えが必要ですね。(投資しましょう!投資情報も、後日投稿しますよ。)

特定受給資格者:倒産や解雇などの、 会社都合 で離職した人達です。僕も前職の会社を退職した際は、こちらのパターンにして貰いました。




You quit a job by your own will: This is the most common case, and it includes retirement. You need to wait roughly 3 months to get the first benefits. So, you need some extra money. (Invest your money! I’ll post about investment in the future.)

You quit a job because of a company’s order:If you get fired, or a company goes bankruptcy, this is the case. You can get the benefits quite shortly.(About a month after applying.)

When I quit the previous job, I could use this case. The company put the false contracts on the ad, and they didn’t pay any overtime payment. Thus, I complained about these points, and got this title.

You know what they say, squeaky wheel gets the oil!


失業保険の給付期間は、退職理由や勤続年数によって異なります。 こちらのサイト に非常に分かりやすくまとめてあるので、是非参考にして見てください。


 Here  is the English version of the details of benefits. In big cities offices, there should be English speakers, so please consul them if you have any questions. I’m sure there are other languages speakers, such as Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese etc…



The process of applying the benefits





When you quit a job, you need to ask your company to send a letter of resignation and an employment insurance card as soon as they can. Some bloody companies don’t send these documents for long… (Based on a true story!) so better remind your company about these documents. Without these documents, you can’t do anything!

When you receive these documents, you also receive a list of what you need. Prepare all the things, and go to the Hello-work, where you live.





After submitting the required documents, there is a 7-days-waiting period. Just plan about your travel!

About a week after this waiting period, there will be a boring 2-hours guidance. If you don’t attend it, you won’t get the benefits. So, just imagine about your trip, or sleep 2 hours.






It depends on your reason why you quit your job, and after a week ~ 3 weeks attending the guidance , there will be the first unemployment approval date. Then, the benefits will be transferred to your bank account! You made it!

After that, you need to go to a Hello-work every 4 weeks, and submit a record of job hunting. You need to write at least 2 job hunting records. Just consulting at a Hello-work is counted as 1 job hunting record, and applying a job by using some job boards is also counted as 1 record.

You know, a Hello-work doesn’t really care these records, so just write some records while you are traveling.


まとめ…  In a nuts shell…










OK, Let’s recap what I want to say on this post.

・Applying for the benefits are bit bothersome at the beginning, but you can get enough money to travel for a while in South East Asia!

・How much money you can get, and how long depend on why you quit the previous job!

・Hey, just take it easy, and it’s really important to travel!

That’s it! By the way, right after this Thailand trip, I went to Nepal for trekking! You know, travel broadens your mind, and I do recommend that let’s travel while you are young!

Thanks for reading, see ya!


(Thorang La pass, 5416m high @ Nepal)


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