コピーのNorth Faceを買うならベトナム・ホーチミン!Ho Chi Minh is the best place to buy fake North Face!




Xin chao! Taka is here. Well well, I’m going to write about fake products review!

I love travelling, but I also love outdoor activities. Therefore, I prefer to wear outdoor clothes, and gears. The recent outdoor products are very convenient for travelling, as these products equip a fast-dry, and antiodor function.


以前にもお伝えしましたが、普段アウトドア用品は海外通販サイトのTrekkInn を使用しています。日本って、アウトドア用品高過ぎなんですよね!こちらのサイトで購入すれば、関税がかかるケースもありますが、それを加味しても日本より断然お得ですよ〜。バナーを貼っておきますので、是非価格チェックしてください。


As I wrote before, I always do shopping at TrekkInn . Buying outdoor products are rather expensive! You may need to pay some taxes shopping at Trekkinn, but it’s still much cheaper than shopping in Japan. I put a banner ad, so please compare prices.


ベトナムはコピー商品の最先端! / Vietnam is the leading country for copy cats!


皆さんがお持ちの洋服や靴、生産国はどこになっていますか?以前は、洋服や靴と言えばMade in Chinaが主流でしたが、人件費などの高騰により、現在は東南アジア諸国に生産拠点が移ってきています。

私が駐在していたカンボジアも、多くの縫製工場が立ち並び、現在多くのメーカーが生産を行なっています。しかし、今東南アジアで一番技術力が高いと言われているのは、 ベトナム なんです。勤勉だし、とてもストイックな国民性なんですよね。


Hey, please check your clothes or shoes. Where are they made? Nowadays, many products are made in South East Asian countries, as the labor cost has been increasing in China.

I was working in Cambodia, and there sure are many garment factories. However,  Vietnam  has the highest skill level in South East Asia. They are hard-working, and very stoic indeed.




以前投稿しました、ネパールの記事でも触れましたが、僕はカンボジアの縫製工場にて、検品屋として働いていたので、このあたりの話はちょこっと詳しかったりするんですよ。またホーチミンには何度か買い物に行ったので、今回はそこで見つけたNorth Faceのバック類をご紹介しましょう〜。


If you’ve been to Ho chi Minh, there are full of fake products in the most famous market, called Ben Thanh Market! The fake designer brands were pretty famous before, but Under Armor, and Nike are pretty popular nowadays. Moreover, you can find The North Face, and Salomon’ shoes.

There are various rumors… the materials are taken out from the factories,and produced fake products, the defective products are taken out and slod, or the organised thieves steel the products, and sell it to the market…

As I wrote before, I was working in a garment factory in Cambodia as an inspection department. Thus, I know a bit well about this industry. I’ve been to Ho chi minh for hunting the fake products. I’ll post about the fake North Face bags this time!


【*ホーチミンで購入出来る、North Faceのコピーアパレルの記事は下記リンク参照下さい! / Please refer to the link below for the copy products of apparel in Ho Chi Minh!】

コピーのNorth Faceを買うならベトナム・ホーチミン Part 2!Ho Chi Minh is the best place to buy fake North Face Part 2!



・人気のFuse Box!  / The popular Fuse Box!




The real North Face has the military pattern, but this pattern can’t be found anywhere. Hahaha. I went to many markets, but only one shop had this one in Ben Than market, and this was the last one! I think this patter is better than real one, and no one has it, so I decided to buy it…







As you can see, the seams are rough, and the logo is bit blur… It’s a bit disappointing, but I quite like this pattern, so I got it. The were many many color variations, but they were nothing special for me.






The capacity is pretty big, and there is the room for a laptop. I take this for a 2 nights- 3days travel, and this bag does a good job.



一応、こんなタグも付いていますが、単なる飾りですwこう言ったコピー商品に付いているタグには、トンチンカンな日本語が書いてあったり、化繊の商品に「Cotton 100%!」なんて書いてあるんで、全く無意味です!


There is a tag, but this is just useless! There are tags on the fake products, but it’s often written non-sense Japanese, and even the garments are synthetic material, but it’s written “Cotton 100%!”… Totally useless!



何処で購入出来るの? / Where can you buy this bag?


ホーチミンと言えば、ベンタイン市場。こちらに沢山売っています。しかし、この市場はベトナム一番と言って良いほどの ボッタクリ天国 !言い値は2〜3倍以上を言ってきますので、これでもか!って言うくらい値切りの交渉をしてください。

僕はこのバックを 17$ まで値切りましたが、恐らくもうちょっと安く買えるんだと思います。ベンタイン市場東側から一本の細い通りがありますが、その通りにもバックや靴を売るお店が沢山並んでいます。これらのお店は、市場より若干低めの値段設定がしてありますので、こちらでお目当の商品を見つけたら購入するのが良いかもしれません。


Ben Thanh market is a very popular destination for tourists in Ho Chi Ming city. There are tons of souvenirs, and products. Mind you! This market is notoriously famous for a  rip-off ! Do NOT hesitate to haggle about the price, otherwise you’ll pay double or triple price.

I was able to buy the bag  $17 , but I guess It should be cheaper. There is a small load running from the east of Ben Thanh market, and there are several shops which also sell outdoor products, and shoes. These shop offer a bit cheaper price, so if  you find your desired product, it’s better to buy around here.


・大容量ダッフルバック! / A huge duffel bag!




Here comes a huge duffel bag! I was thinking many times to buy it or not, but I decided to buy it, as it would be useful for a bike-trip, and camping…





It’s good that I can load it on my back.





As you can see, this bag has a huge capacity. A tent, sleeping bag, cot, mattress, and clothes can be put in it!






Again, the Japanese explanation is non-sense! It made me a laugh tho, hahaha.

I really wanted to tell the people who made this tag, ” Why didn’t you ask the Japanese to check it before making the tags?”  The care label is also non-sense. Well, I think no one would care about these.


*追記7/25  Reposted on 25th July





The other day, I went camping with my friend. The bag was fully loaded, and one of the strap was snapped… Oh well, this is the copy cat quality! The bag still can be used like this, but I wish I could use it a bit longer.


何処で購入出来るの? / Where can you buy this bag?



一階を斜め左手の方向に進むと、カバンやサンダルなどを扱う小さなお店があり、そこで $17 にて購入致しました。店のおかみさんは英語も堪能で、言い値も良心的なのでこちらのお店がお勧めです!


I bought this bag in ” Russian Market”. There are many fake outdoor products, and sports wears in the market. There are winter jackets in the market, but most of them are crap, so I do NOT recommend it!

There is a small shop on the deep left corner of the first floor. The bag set me back  $17 , good deal aye? The shop owner can speak good English, and the price is reasonable. Definitely a recommended shop!


・カバンの検品方法伝授!  How to inspect bags!





The quality of fake products has been getting much better than a decade ago.

However, the bags which I’ve introduced this time are good, but the seams are rough, and the material is a bit thin, and hard compare to the authentic products. Well, if you think about the price, you can’t complain about it.








I would like to let you know, how to inspect bags. I’m sure you’ve never checked a bag, when you buy it in your country. If there is a defective part, you can ask for exchange or refund.

・Check the whole material, if there isn’t a stain or flaw.

Pull the seams gently.

・Check a zipper, buttons, and straps are securely attached. Slide a zipper up and down at least 3 times, as there is often a problem on a zipper!


まとめ… / In nuts shell…




I’ve been writing about the fake North Face products, which can be found in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I’m sure no one would go to Vietnam to buy these fake products, but if you are travelling around in South East Asia, and need to buy a new bag, Vietnam could be a good place!







・You can buy many varieties of fake products such as North Face, or Nike for a cheap price in Benh Thanh market, and  Russian market!

・Vietnam is notoriously famous for rip-off. Do NOT hesitate to ask for a discount!

・Inspect a product very well before buying!

I bought few clothes, and shoes in Ho Chi Minh, so I’ll post about these products! Last but not least, it is illegal to bring fake products into Japan. Do it at your own risk! See ya very soon!


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